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pH Adjustment Systems. pH Plus Family


An industrial pH adjustment system, as a part of wastewater treatment, controls pH by the automatic addition of acid or caustic reagent until the pH is within the desired range to meet wastewater discharge regulations.

The pH Adjustment Systems from Burt Process Equipment are custom engineered, prepackaged and fully integrated units designed for automatic pH neutralization and wastewater treatment. They feature advanced instrumentation and controls for easy installation and the highest level of reliability. The compact design provides a smaller footprint and lower cost for installation. This allows for greater overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your company’s wastewater treatment process.

Made for Easy Use in the Field

Our pH Plus pH adjustment systems are designed for easy set-up and use in the field. Because of the system’s integrated design, all that is required is influent, effluent, vent piping, and electrical line power connections. Components are rigorously tested before shipment to ensure easy start-up and reliability.

Continuous Flow pH Adjustment System

The pH Plus is a continuous flow pH neutralization system, handling flow rates up to 50 GPM and pH levels of 4-12. They can also be customized for batch pH adjustment when the machine is run manually or with automatic batch controls, available as an option.

pH documents:

SYSTEM Options Include:

  • Liquid level controllers
  • Batch collection tanks
  • Flow monitoring equipment
  • pH single reagent systems
  • Hybrid batch design for gravity flow or pumped effluent discharge
  • Pump Transfer Stations for applications where gravity does not allow flow into or out of the neutralization system.
  • Effluent flow monitoring (open channel/full pipe) for instantaneous monitoring or totalizing of effluent flow.
  • Preventative maintenance service contract.
  • Secondary Containment Basin for facilities that do not have built-in secondary containment

pH system features: 

  • PLC/HMI Control for Setpoints and Status
  • Customer Specified PLC/HMI Capabilities
  • Optional UL508A Listed Controls

pH Plus Adjustment System Wastewater Treatment Process

What is wastewater treatment with the pH Plus system? In the continuous flow mode, influent that requires pH neutralization is moved through the reaction chamber, with the necessary retention time for effective treatment. The volume size of the tank will depend on the flow rate and pH changed required. A proportional signal from the pH probe and controller to the metering pumps dispense the proper amount of reagent chemicals. An agitator supplies the necessary level of pumping action so that there’s ample tank turnover for complete blending during the pH adjustment process. Inlet, outlet, injection points and agitator are strategically located for the most reliable and accurate operation.

When the effluent leaves the pH Plus, it can be monitored in an effluent wet well assembly by a second pH probe. This provides, by way of a circular chart recorder, a permanent record of pH.


pH Plus Systems are shipped completely assembled and ready for installation and process line connection. All additional spare parts are packaged in a container bearing labels clearly designating contents and are delivered at the same time as pertaining equipment


Burt Process stands behind every system with a two-year warranty on the metering pump, mechanical drive, pump head & roller assembly. With 50 years of fluid handling experience, Burt Process customers are given the very best service and support in the industry.


  • Shop Drawings
  • Equipment Layout Drawings
  • Pump Data
  • Complete Wiring Diagram
  • Catalogs, bulletins, etc. of the equipment
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