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custom plastic and steel fabricated tanks


custom fabrication

Burt Process Equipment custom fabricated plastic and steel tanks are manufactured with the aid of advanced technology such as computer-controlled bending and butt-welding machines for perfectly welded plastic tanks with seamless corners. These extremely durable thermoplastic products include exhaust systems, custom fabricated tanks, lab benches, and special corrosion-resistant equipment. We offer custom plastic tanks and other plastic process equipment in materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, and Kynar®. 

Burt Process Equipment designs and manufactures plastic and steel tanks for our pH Neutralization Systems, Solvent Collection Equipment, Rainwater Reclamation systems, RODI water systems.

Burt Process Equipment’s engineers will work with you to select the best material for your custom tank or equipment, based on environmental conditions, chemical compatibility, and cost. We begin with detailed AutoCAD layout renderings for your approval, for a guaranteed finished product that aligns to your exact specifications.  


Engineered AVS neutralization tanks use our proprietary anti-vortex system to eliminate vortex-induced “short-circuiting” during neutralization. These custom tanks are designed from heavy-duty polypropylene or polyethylene, made to withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive environments found in waste treatment. AVS tanks minimize reaction time and reduce system size and space requirements. Tanks feature bolt-on covers and can be purchased separately or as part of a custom plastic tank package. AVS tanks are used to neutralize acid or alkaline wastewater by adding limestone chips or chemical reagents. Burt Process Equipment custom tanks provide environmental compliance in most commercial, industrial, R&D, and institutional applications. 


stainless steel & carbon steel tanks:

All stainless steel and carbon steel tanks are custom designed and fabricated to handle the specific gravity of the solution with additional girthing reinforcement added as needed. Tanks are available in steel, T304 or T316 stainless steel, with optional fittings, stands, and covers. 

Stainless steel tanks have a standard 2B mill finish, with optional polishes available. Steel and stainless-steel tanks have many uses, including mixing, chemical storage, and can be used in numerous manufacturing processes. Choose from flat, cone, dished, or sloped bottoms. 

Accessories like mounting mixers, flanges, valves, fittings, and casters are available by request. For a complete custom-designed and fabricated system to meet process requirements, all tanks can be provided as a custom system with factory-tested plumbing, pumps, instrumentation, and control systems.

high tech bending & butt welding construction:

Utilizing the latest computer-controlled plastic sheet welding and bending equipment we provide seamless corners and eliminate hand welds when joining sheets. The sheet butt welders and benders used on our production floor provide outstanding weld quality and strength resulting in increased performance and lower cost when compared to strictly hand-welded fabrications.


Our bending machine can work with thermoplastic sheets up to 1 inch of thickness and 10 feet in length, like those used for custom polypropylene tanks. The machine has a bend range of 0 degrees through 95 degrees, creating rectangular tanks that have no vertical corner welds. Because the material is bent using the full sheet thickness, they do not require welding or secondary reinforcement inside the bend.  

Sheet Butt Welding:

Our automatic machines create full-contact welds across the edge of the material resulting in a joined sheet with approximately 90% the strength of the original base material. No weld or filler rod is introduced and materials are joined to form a homogenous, continuous sheet with no raised weld surface.