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wet benches & lab sinks


custom rinse sink cabinet transfer pump

This custom rinse sink cabinet and transfer pump assembly engineered and manufactured by Burt Process is primarily constructed of white HDPE with a 200-gallon capacity commercial series Chem-trainer vertical bulk storage tank. The rinse basin is designed with pitched splash guards and is positioned over an enclosed 30-gallon simplex pump lift station. Two- and three-point level controls and a Mag Drive Sealless Centrifugal pump are operated by a UL-certified control panel. 

The Simplex Transfer Station features an HDPE tank with a blue polypropylene surface plate and a Hayward T-Series Vertical centrifugal pump, rated for 25 US GPM. The lift station is serviceable and accessed through a cabinet door in the sink enclosure.


wet process benches

Our wet process equipment is custom designed and fabricated by experienced engineers and production staff, who work closely with your organization to meet your unique process specifications. A Burt Process Equipment custom-designed wet bench or wet process station is a fully integrated system that has many applications, from pharmaceutical testing, medical labs, hospital, college and university laboratories, school science centers, semiconductor processes, metal finishing, laboratory testing and ultrasonic cleaning. 

available accessories for our wet process equipment

At Burt Process Equipment, we have been designing, manufacturing, and distributing fluid handling equipment since 1970. We’ve built custom systems for chemical handling, pH neutralization, wastewater treatment, and rainwater reclamation, in a wide range of industries. For our wet processing equipment, many accessories are available to meet individual specifications. This includes relay or PLC/touch screen electrical controls, lab faucets and eye wash units, NEMA 4X or hazardous location lighting, recirculation pumps and filters, fire suppression systems, rectifiers, and Lexan or tempered glass sliding clear front doors. 


typical applications:

  • Semiconductor Process
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Rinse Stations
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Acid Etching
  • Metal Finishing
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Clean Room Processes

                wet processing equipment construction

                Whether you’re in the market for wet process equipment or a wet station for laboratory testing, the Burt Process team of highly skilled engineers will help you design a system to meet your needs. Unique features include spill or secondary containment and rear access doors for instances where a service aisle is behind the wet bench. Deck mounted tanks can either be permanently welded to the unit or, if needed, be constructed as removable assemblies for easy switch out and replacement. Process benches are available with a corrosion-resistant FRP or stainless-steel frame, depending on the deck loading. This provides structural rigidity in service as well as in transit.