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Engineered and Manufactured Systems


At Burt Process Equipment, we believe in a hands-on approach. Our team of experts works closely with clients throughout the design, manufacturing, and system start-up to ensure their custom-engineered system meets or exceeds all expectations.

Burt Process has over 50 years of experience with industrial process equipment, specializing in custom pH neutralization, chemical feed, chemical dosing, pump lift stationsreverse osmosis, rainwater reclamation, custom fabrication, and industrial wastewater treatment systems. Our 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility allows us to accommodate expansive system designs. We can build customized systems within mobile and pre-fab outdoor enclosures. Our highly skilled engineering team includes electrical, mechanical, chemical engineers, CAD designers, programmers, & project managers.

These pH neutralization systems from Burt Process Equipment are custom engineered, fully integrated, pre-packaged units. They’re easy to install and include automatic controls and advanced instrumentation for maximum reliability.

For situations where gravity transfer is not possible, we offer standard and custom lift stations, to automatically collect and pump fluids.

Burt Process Equipment offers Pure Plus ultra-pure water systems, the most complete line of high-purity water generation and distribution equipment in the industry, as convenient skid-mounted modules.

The ChemPlus series of customizable, high-performance dosing systems are built as corrosion-resistant, pre-packaged skids. Easy to install and maintain, pre-engineered ChemPlus systems are available with one, two, or three metering pumps, with your choice of pump type and brand.

Burt Process can customize any engineered system to be integrated into a container or module. These are stand-alone systems that can be added to a building without direct impact.

At Burt Process Equipment, we use the most advanced technology to fabricate thermoplastic tanks and specialty corrosion-resistant equipment.

Burt Process Equipment’s RainEx series of rainwater reclamation equipment benefits from more than 40 years of experience with fluid handling and engineered systems.

For companies that require high-performance polymer feed systems, the PolymerPlus Activation System is a reliable and robust solution. This equipment uses a patented, motorless, high-energy activation chamber to efficiently blend polymers.

With a team of highly experienced system designers and engineers, Burt Process Equipment offers custom equipment solutions. We specialize in industrial fluid handling applications that require mechanical, chemical, and electrical process integration.

Since 1970, Burt Process Equipment has led the way in wastewater treatment technologies, providing industrial firms and institutions with successful solutions to environmental challenges.

For wastewater purification and recycling, atmospheric evaporator systems are an efficient, easy-to-use, low-cost solution. They’re recommended for any application that requires waste reduction or water evaporation prior to disposal.

Burt Process Equipment’s experienced engineers custom design and fabricate wet process stations and benches, custom-made to your process specifications.

Burt Process Equipment manufactures components and modular systems for metal finishing applications, such as black oxide coatings and electroplating.

Our solvent collection system, for the collection and transfer of flammable liquids and solvents, is a high-performance, customizable, cost-effective solution.

For BSL-3 and BSL-4 facilities, Burt Process Equipment’s Bio-Response High-Temperature Continuous Batch EDS has become the industry standard for quality, advanced technology, and reliability.

Burt Process Equipment, as part of their engineered systems product line, provides complete UL fabrication services and industrial control panel design. Controls are available with PLC/HMI control or relay logic.