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chemical feed systems


Chemical Feed Systems are designed for automated treatment chemicals injection into the chemical feed tank. In the dosing process, chemicals are added into a water stream at a precisely controlled rate with positive displacement metering pumps. Burt Process Chemical Metering Systems have revolutionized the concept of chemical dosing by providing pre-engineered and fully customizable pieces of equipment for water treatment. Our ChemPlus Chemical Dosing System is a pre-engineered solution that can be effectively used in many different industries and in a municipal water treatment process. These are high-performance sodium hypochlorite dosing systems — for example when used for disinfecting potable water or as part of a chemical scrubber system. A compact and lightweight prepackaged skid, corrosion resistance, flexibility of metering pump option and easy maintenance are some of the advantages of our advanced chemical feed systems. Water treatment uses include disinfection, fluoride treatment, sodium bisulfite metering, sulfuric acid dosing, sodium hypochlorite systems, dispersant polymer dosing, sodium hydroxide feed, potassium permanganate dosing, coagulation & flocculation, hydrochloric acid metering, alum feed, and antiscalant addition. Learn more about Chemical Feed Basics

simplex chemical feed system

  • Single metering pump, inlet & discharge
  • Economical, compact&reliable system
  • Metering a single chemical into a process 

duplex chemical feed systems

  • Corrosion resistant, reliable chemical skid
  • Two metering pumps
  • Connects to dual independent inlet&discharge

triplex chemical feed systems

  • Three metering pumps
  • Connects to multiple independent inlet&discharge
  • Provides ideal set-up for lead/lag operation

custom chemical feed sytems

  • Custom metering systems
  • Revolutionized concept of chemical dosing
  • Fully engineered, pre-packaged, corrosion resistant system

The ChemPlus Simplex System has a single metering pump, inlet, and discharge. This compact, reliable and economically-priced system meters a single chemical into a tank or process line. The Simplex chemical metering system is a prepackaged skid that offers many metering pump options, including any type of diaphragm, air-operated double diaphragm, peristaltic, electronic metering or progressing cavity pumps. Various options are available, including a pulsation dampener, pressure relief valve, visual flow indicator, and pump controls.

The ChemPlus Chemical Feed Systems Duplex provides two chemical metering pumps that are connected to a common or dual independent inlet and discharge. This duplex system is useful if you need to meter two different chemicals into a single tank or line, or to move the same chemical into two separate processes. The ChemPlus Duplex is also used as a redundant pump system in processes that require a continual back-up pump. This is useful in cases where a process can’t be shut down to perform routine maintenance. In addition to the options available with the simplex system, the duplex can be ordered with flow and pressure sensors, an MA DEP control station, conduit box for power and signals and other useful components.

Burt Process Equipment’s Triplex Chemical Feed System has three chemical metering pumps that can be connected either to a common or to multiple, independent inlet and discharge assemblies. The Triplex feed system provides the ideal set-up for multiple chemistries that must meter into the same process, and it can also be used for redundant pump systems or lead/lag pumping. Using this system, you can double up on the pumps feeding the same tank or line to increase chemical flow intermittently, if required. Create a custom system to fit your application and requirements by choosing from many available options.

With 45 years of chemical processing experience, Burt Process Equipment offers chemical dosing systems that are fully engineered, pre-packaged, corrosion-resistant and highly customizable. This includes the ability to use the pump technology that best fits the intended usage. The ChemPlus line of chemical feed systems lets engineers and process specialists design the ideal chemical feed system for their chemical metering or water treatment application. View each type of system for selectable components, system arrangements, additional options, product brochure, engineering drawings and more.