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Process Wastewater


to sewer

Original graphic provided by Georg Fischer

Automating Wastewater Effluent

How do you ensure your final wastewater treatment process is working properly and the effluent stream is safe and accounted for? Start by automating your pH adjustment process.

Wastewater streams with high or low pH values are collected in a Pump Lift Station that can be conveniently placed under lab stations or below floor level.
The waste stream is then pumped to a Batch pH Adjustment System, which uses a submersible pH sensor (GF Signet 2751-3 sensor with 3-2724 electrode) connected to a multi-parameter controller (GF Signet 9950 SmartPro dual-channel transmitter).

There are two 4-20 mA loop outputs from the controller that will proportionally drive your chemical metering pumps (Grundfos Smart Digital Dosing).

An Ultrasonic Level Sensor (Flowline DL14 Echopod) monitors treatment tank liquid levels and signals the 9950 for fill and empty conditions. Advanced Boolean Logic Function in the 9950 allows up to three level sensing devices to be tied into one relay. The 3-9950-2 provides two-channel multi-parameter inputs and two 4-20 mA outputs.

To ensure compliance with local discharge requirements, install an in-line pH sensor (GF Signet 2751-1) to monitor the effluent before it goes to the sewer. With the help of the 9950 multi-parameter transmitters, the upstream Georg Fischer actuated valve will close if effluent stream pH levels are not in compliance.

Effluent flow is measured with the GF 2580 FlowtraMag and a digital signal can be sent to the 9950 for totalization. For long-term reporting, a 4-20 mA signal can be sent to the building automation system from either the 9950 or directly from the 2580 FlowtraMag.

Big savings can be realized when authorities are provided final outgoing wastewater numbers instead of charging users based on incoming clean water used to run their facility!