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GF Signet 2580 FlowtraMagâ„¢ Meter


The Signet 2580 FlowtraMag is a full-bore plastic in-line style magnetic flow meter. The PVC body with titanium electrodes has no moving parts and is two to three times lighter in weight compared to traditional metal magmeters on the market. It is designed for high accuracy flow measurement in short pipe runs, making it an ideal solution for industrial applications where performance and simplicity are important. Users can configure and calibrate 2580 using the GF Configuration Tool Bluetooth® App.


  • Chemical Processing/Production 
  • Cooling Tower 
  • Filtration Systems 
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment 
  • Municipal and Industrial Water Distribution 
  • Pool and Aquatics 
  • Process Control, Water Process Flow 
  • Reverse Osmosis 
  • Scrubber Systems 
  • Metal Recovery and Landfi ll Leachate 
  • Mining

2580 FlowtraMagâ„¢ Meter fields of application:

    • 24 VDC, Brushless DC Integrated Motor
    • Magnetically Coupled (Sealless, no leaks)
    • Optional third wire (Controlled by a nominal 0-5 volt DC signal)
    • Optional submersibility
    • Compact, lightweight design
    • Only one moving part: impeller assembly
    • No motor bearings
    • Low power consumption
    • Quiet operation
    • Long life
    • Multiple intake/discharge configurations
    • Multiple OEM options


  • No moving parts
  • Lighter in weight compared to traditional metal magmeters
  • Reduced straight run requirements, ideal for final effluent lines, wellheads and skids
  • Factory calibrated with certificate (±1% of reading accuracy)
  • Partially filled pipe detection status indicator
  • Visual LED indicators make sensor status clear and easy to read
  • Reverse flow direction configurable with 0252 Configuration Tool or GF Config Tool Bluetooth® App 
  • Capable of temperature readings of the media using the 0252 Confguration Tool or GF Config Tool Bluetooth® App
  • One device with three different outputs: field selectable Frequency or Digital (S³L), and analog 4 to 20 mA
  • On the fly configuration with GF Config Tool Bluetooth® App
  • Bluetooth® 4.2 capable, support iOS and Android for simple user configuration

2580 FLOWTRAMAGâ„¢ METER technical information



2580 FlowtraMagâ„¢ Meter Bluetooth app:

temperature/pressure graph:

The Signet 2580 FlowtraMag Meter connects wirelessly via smart phone. Users can easily configure and calibrate required parameters for their system, access process data and clone settings using the GF Configuration Tool Bluetooth® App.



    • CE
    • FCC
    • UL
    • CUL Recognized Component
    • China RoHS
    • NSF pending