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industrial WASTEWATER


There are few options when dealing with wastewater most of which, at local municipal treatment plants, come at a considerable cost. The most favorable option would be to treat wastewater at the manufacturing facility itself. This can be achieved with the right wastewater technology and wastewater treatment systems. Industrial and commercial source wastewater discharges often contain pollutants at levels that could affect the quality of receiving waters or interfere with publicly owned treatment plants that receive those discharges.


Professionally Handle all kinds of Wastewater

To Meet Industrial Plant Demands

Providing a wide range of customized solutions for all applications of use handling all types of wastewater quality including grit, grease, and particles of any size by simply switching a few different parts these systems can be applied to a multitude of different solutions. We can ensure reliability when keeping track of the quality of the water throughout the treatment process as all pumps are equipped with a control and measurement apparatus.


Onsite Water Treatment & Cost Efficiency

Reuse Your Process Wastewater

The food we eat, the beverages we drink, the clothes we wear, or the paper and chemical products we use, water is necessary for almost every step of production. Unfortunately, after it is used the resulting wastewater must be carefully managed. This wastewater usually consists of organic matter, inorganic, pathogens, and nutrients (most common nitrogen and phosphorus). If treated onsite this can save the company from overspending all while still being able to reuse the same process water that has now been treated. On-site treatment can help your plant remain environmentally compliant while facilitating production increase and recovering valuable resources.



More efficient treatment than ever before whether you are treating organic wastewater, chemical wastewater, or a combination of both! Where there is a specific challenge there is a specific solution which is why we are here to manufacture the highest quality system for your specialized treatment needs by the most efficient means possible.  Dosing solutions fortify highly cost-effective operations with no money wasted on overdosing expensive chemicals. 


Custom Systems

For Wastewater Neutralization 

There is no stock pH neutralization system that works for every application. To engineer a custom-designed system for your specific application took decades of experience and innovation. Burt Process engineered systems offer a multitude of configurations to best handle wastewater composition, flow rate, operation, and treatment considerations.

Designed by our expert team of engineers, these systems are highly reliable and easy to install. The systems come pre-packaged and completely integrated, offering automatic acid neutralization of industrial wastewater. The systems use pH adjustment chemicals for efficient wastewater treatment and can handle a wide variety of flow rates within the 2-12 pH range. 



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