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Flux has been creating barrel pumps according to customer designs and patents since 1950. As the first Germany company to create pumps this way Flux has become synonymous with barrel pumps. Created and manufactured for your specific needs, Flux can always be relied upon. Quick start, ready to work, and straight out of the box - just a few features of the FLUX Pump and Motor Packages to meet your engineering needs. Parts are compiled in order to complement each other and include pump, motor and accessories.

junior flux

JUNIORFLUX pumps are for transfer of small amounts of fluids with low viscosity. Applications: small labor or barrel pumping to and from hobbocks, canisters, & narrow-necked containers.

barrel & container pumps

Barrel and container pumps are ideal for various liquid types including thin, neutral, corrosive or highly flammable. Applicable to almost any industry.

eccentic worm-drive pumps

Eccentric worm-drive pumps can be used for fluids ranging from low to high viscosity. Industries include food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and petroleum.

sanitary pumps

Sanitary pumps are easily cleaned and sterilized. Ideal industries include cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical. Available with 3A certification.


Flux offers a variety of motors including commutator, air, and brushless that can be used with their many pumps.