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Manual Hand Pumps

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Manual hand pumps are an economical way to pump and dispense liquids that are free of any solids and debris. They’re ideal for smaller operations where cost is a consideration. Hand diaphragm and piston drum pumps are available in various materials. Choose the material that is most compatible with the type of liquid that you will be pumping. Other considerations include application requirements and the environment in which it is being operated.   Read more...

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2 Item(s)


Plastic is an inexpensive material that will provide considerable resistance to chemicals and to corrosion. It is also lightweight. However, plastics may not be as strong as metal, so it might not be the best choice for a high-pressure application. They also have a lower melting point, which is a consideration if you’re working with liquids at high temperatures.

Steel and Stainless-Steel Alloys

Steel and stainless steel, when used as a pump material or for certain components, protects against rust and chemical corrosion. These materials are stronger than plastic and can withstand higher pressures. They’re often used for pumping solids, sewage and non-flammable chemicals.

Cast Iron

Cast iron offers distinct advantages, such as durability, high tensile strength, resistance to abrasion and high-pressure ratings. However, it will also be heavier than other materials.


Bronze provides corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance for a reasonable cost and is recommended for a variety of non-corrosive pumping applications. They can be used in warm water and seawater environments.


This lightweight material offers corrosion resistance and durability and is ideal for a portable pump.

Chemical Compatibility

Chemical compatibility can be an important consideration in the case of corrosive media and additives. When choosing the right material for your pumping application, especially in the case of corrosive, flammable or otherwise dangerous liquids, you may want to consider a special alloy that is suitable for your material.

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