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testimonials for burt process


“Thanks for your efforts on this critical project for Merck. Even though the Autoclave effluent decon process was complicated, I believe that Burt Process provided an outstanding effort to deliver a quality system while also ensuring a simple and effective start up."

Bob Metz, Precis Engineering

“I just wanted to give commendation where it’s due. Nicole Schoolcraft is an excellent inside sales person. She has been trained by the best. She contacts me enough to keep me thinking about sending more business your way, but not too much, to make me tell her to go away. She’s pleasant to talk to and is always willing to research parts I’m thinking about buying from you."

Michael Donn, Force Flow

“I read at the bottom of one of your employees emails that I can leave a WOW feedback. We are working on a fast-paced project and my only roll is to pay with my credit card; quickly. I called your business and was helped by Tori May. She is full-on in her customer service. She gives the impression that she really enjoys her job. She was helpful, thorough, courteous, and patient. She went the extra step to try and get my shipment out sooner with your shop and was successful. My word is FULL-ON and I label her with that. Your word is WOW. So I give Tori May a FULL-ON WOW! Thank you and because of Tori, we will look to do business with you again."

Carolyn Johansen, NAM Projects, Office Manager, SUEZ, Water Technologies & Solutions

“I initially called just to get some info on a pump. Tori took our issue on as her own, and spent quite a bit of time researching and answering questions for me, and then Ben took care of all our technical questions. Not only did they find us a better and cheaper solution, but they also put us at ease, knowing we were going to be getting what we actually needed for our situation. The excellent customer service we received and the pleasant and kind way we were taken care of confirmed that this is the place we want to purchase from, and work with, even if we could find a cheaper alternative elsewhere!"

Lydia Reiff, Purchasing Manager, CarTell, Vehicle Detection Equipment

“I found you guys online, after several failed attempts to locate my old Grundfos contact. I needed help with a quote on parts. I was very happy with the high level of professionalism I received during my call and subsequent e-mail's with Nikki. She's knowledgeable on the pumps, over the top courteous and make me feel like she cared about my pump problem! I was honestly dreading finding a new contact. Nikki made my day!"

Jeff Blackwell, President, Blackwell Machine Inc.

“Ms. Tori May has been going way above and beyond in trying to get my order as quickly as possible. I am more than impressed with her service and fast response in getting in touch with the supplier to get my much needed parts to me ASAP. It's nice to be able to speak with someone when dealing with sulfuric acid and all its dangers."

Daniel Bussard, HEF Durferrit - USA

“What great service. Thank you. Received yesterday and had installed today and working great (March Pump). You were more than $100 less expensive than other quotes. Thank you."

Raymond Smith

“I want to thank you for all your help. I am always apprehensive buying things online. You and your company came through. God bless and thank you!"

Glenn Ryan, Long Island, New York

“I’ve received my pump and it works perfectly. I’m so glad I decided to put my trust in Burt Process Equipment. You folks are awesome!"

Steven Clay

“I wanted to share with you that we contacted Blacoh to let them know that you are converting to produce sanitizer to help fight against the Covid-19 epidemic. Burt Process Equipment, along with Blacoh Fluid Control, is proud to be partnering with ICP to quickly shift gears and provide the sanitizers that are urgently needed in the marketplace today. We will continue to stand at the ready to provide the absolute best product support for ICP."

Chris Lopes communication to ICP Group (www.icpgroup.com)

“I will commend you on your customer service as, I am 3 weeks and counting on spare parts from All Flo, and I was able to get a pump from you folks, shipped here in 24 hrs, set up in a half-hour, and my system is back up and running…. Thank you!"

Virginia E. Mayville, WWTP & Safety Manager, Newcut

“At Delta Fluid Systems we use a multitude of different pumps which are all application-driven, Burt Process provides excellent support in the selection of their pumps which simplifies the entire procurement process. It is a pleasure working with Burt Process Equipment!"

Edward Alves, Key Account Manager, Delta Fluid Systems Inc.

“Kristin in your Customer Service Department is very professional, warm and customer service oriented."

Chris Donatelli, Project Manager, Precision Filtration Products

“This email is to commend Jonathan Dearborne on his OUTSTANDING customer service skills. I called him this morning concerning a water meter part that I desperately needed for a customer. He went above and beyond to help me with my situation and maintained contact with me throughout the morning. I've been in customer service for quite a while, and people like Jonathan are hard to come by. Please make sure he is commended for his efforts, as said service skills are a lost art. I will make sure to continue contacting your company for any related materials I may need, and hope to deal with Jonathan again soon!”

Brent Davis, Howland Pumps

“I have recently set up an account with your company and have been dealing with Todd Marean. I just wanted to reach out and say wow!!! His service and response have been exceptional. There is no other vendor I deal with that even comes close. It has been an absolute pleasure working with him and Burt Process.”

Patrick Welch, Lead Maintenance, LC Doane

“I wanted to let you know how nice it was to talk to speak with Mae Charron.  She was pleasurable, courteous, and knowledgeable on what I was needing and ordered. I talk to many different people throughout the day and I can only wish they were all like Mae. It was a real pleasure and I look forward to speaking with her in the future when Serco needs more parts.”

Greg Cole, Serco


"I’ve been working with Les Spector, Burt Process Applications Engineer, for the past several weeks. We had multiple phone conversations and email exchanges as he helped me narrow in on the best pump solution that met my specific application needs, which kept changing over time. Les was extremely helpful, courteous, patient, and professional in every interaction we had. I’ve had plenty of experience working with external vendors and suppliers, and he has stood out as one of the friendliest, most personable, and most helpful individuals I’ve worked with in recent years."

Adolfo Lozano III, PE - Sr. Mechanical Engineer, Thermal Analysis


"It was my pleasure today to speak with Lisette when calling to inquire about buying parts and rebuild kits for our ARO pumps. She explained everything clearly, didn't make me feel rushed and answered all the questions that I had.  She was knowledgeable, personable, and professional and made it seem she came into work today just for me.  Wow, that is a rare combination these days.  It is my opinion that Lisette  " IS "  what customer service should be in any company and because of her I am adding your contact information to call when I need any related parts." 

Danny Maynard, Star Banner


"I just love getting a chance to write a note like this. Our company treats United Technologies in CT.  They are adding a million square foot building and I received a quote for some Gemini Tanks from Brooke on 3/20/17. Brooke did what any professional would do, placed herself in her customer’s position, and saved face for me. To that end, you have a loyal customer. Thank you again."

Larry Sherman


"I just wanted to let you know that I was very thankful to have Caitlyn to work with on solving this pump availability problem. She took the time to find us an alternative pump solution from ARO - knowing that we needed to find something in stock at your facility. I was very impressed with the professional way she handled my questions - and in how she wouldn't quit until we found a solution. I will be glad to call her for all my ARO Pump requests."

Tom Neuman - Ohio Pipe, Valves, & Fittings Co.

"The equipment is top-rated, and functions correctly, with proposed timelines met.  I can ask no more from a supplier than to furnish the proposed equipment in the proposed time frame with the correct pricing.  I look forward to working with you in the future, you have definitely been the very best chem feed supplier I have worked with."

Shannon Kruse, P.E., Project Manager, CAS Constructors


"I need to share with you one of the most awesome customer service experiences I've had in a long time.  Caitlyn was so helpful and professional with me today finding service kits for my outdated ARO pumps! On top of that, she laughed at my jokes. I would recommend your company to anyone I know needing your products or services. WOW!!"

Warmest regards, Paul Rogacki, Otto Instrument Service, Inc.