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Magnatex Pumps, Inc. supplies ANSI Mechanical Seal Pumps, Small Gear Pumps, Magnetic Drive Pumps, and Fans and Blowers. They are all available in a variety of materials suited for demanding process industry applications, including alloy, stainless steel, fluoropolymer, and FRP materials. Magnate pumps handle recovery solvents, viscous liquids, acids, bases, toxic or noxious liquids, heat transfer fluids, and high purity fluids. They are built to encounter difficult pumping challenges for both high and low-temperature fluids.

mag drive centrifugal

  • Medium-flow
  • Medium to high head
  • ANSI B73.3 dimensions
  • Lower horsepower, lower cost of ownership

Fluoropolymer lined mag drive

  • High purity applications
  • Rugged design
  • PFA lining
  • Low to medium flow corrosive fluids

Mechanical seal centrifugal

  • Heavy duty, rugged
  • ASME B734.1-2001 standard
  • 29 sizes, wide variety of materials
  • 5 year warranty

mag drive&mech seal gear

  • Metallic and non metallic wear surfaces
  • Siotted bearings
  • Hydraulic porting
  • Recirculation heat port versatility

mag driven regen turbine

  • Magnetically driven, sealless
  • Regenerative turbine vane
  • Low flows at high heads
  • Low NPSHa conditions

api mag drive centrifugal

  • Sealless mag drive pump
  • Heavy duty, rugged
  • Eliminates risk of mechanical seal failure

mag drive sliding vaNE

  • Positive displacement technology
  • Typical PD pump applications
  • High head, low to medium flow
  • Ideal for low viscosity fluids

mag drive side channels

  • End suction for lowest NPSH required
  • Top discharge, centerline mounted
  • Heavy duty, bare from mounting
  • Close couple on request

mag drive hollow disc

  • Positive displacement technology
  • Self priming capability
  • Reversible flow, low speed rotation
  • Ideal for pumping oil products, paints, etc

frp centrifugal

  • Ideal for corrosive services
  • High strength fiberglass reinforced poly
  • Available in close&long coupled config.