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adhesive industry

Burt Process ARO Piston Pumps convey the power, flexibility, and trustworthiness you need to keep things moving for your adhesive applications. 


Adhesives offer several major advantages compared to conventional fastening techniques, 

including more uniform bond strength over a larger surface area.

Another scope of high-quality modern adhesives is currently being utilized as a part of the automotive, and in other assembling activities, as a substitution for spot welding, mechanical latches, and other conventional joining techniques. These adhesives are accessible in a wide assortment of sciences, including methyl methacrylates, two-section epoxies, silicones (for sealants), and polysulfides. Adhesives are frequently custom-formulated to meet the manufacturer’s specific application and material type bonding requirements.

Abrasive Materials

ARO piston pumps demonstrate superior performance with abrasive materials. ARO pumps are intended to meet the requests for consistent use in abrasive-heavy industries without wearing out. ARO® piston pumps can be configured with materials of construction and packing materials that deliver predominant resistance. ARO develops highly customized solutions to fit your one-of-a-kind needs and find the perfect pump configuration to decrease expenses and improve your output. 

Adhesive Applications

The most difficult needs of abrasive-bearing adhesive applications can be meet with ARO piston Pumps. ARO pumps' 6" stroke delivers greater displacement and less wear than 4” stroke pumps. Time-tested design is proven for long-term use, with fewer moving parts for easier service and safer operation, and stainless steel or carbon steel construction makes ARO the go-to pump for many adhesive applications.