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finish thompson

Finish Thompson (FTI) Pump - FTI features sealless, sealed, vertical, and drump pump series. FTI pumps combines deep-lift capabilities and lightning-fast priming with the advantages of neodymium magnetic drive technology and corrosion resistant polypropylene and PVDF to handle the most difficult applications with no seal replacement, no leaks and the capability to run-dry without damage. Burt Process Equipment is a leading supplier and stocking distributor of Finish Thompson (FTI) Pumps products.


  • DB, SP, UC, MSKC, KC
  • Efficient
  • State of the art dry run pump

sealed pumps

  • AC stainless steel & GP plastic
  • AC: Compact design
  • Variety of seals
  • GPL: External mounted seals
  • Handles corrosive materials

vertical pumps

  • Rugged AK Series
  • Compact AV Series
  • Versatile VKC Series
  • Sealless multi-stage MSVKC Series

drum pumps

  • Variety of pump series
  • Economy, Low Flow, Mid-Performance
  • High Performance, High Viscosity
  • Sealless and sealed models