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liberty process

Liberty Process Equipment specializes in Progressive Cavity Pumps. Liberty pumps are positive displacement, ideal for all difficult pumping needs. Applications include pumping solids or highly-abrasive media. Features include pulsation-free, self-priming, quick and efficient delivery, and the pumping of solids up to 50% to be moved without shearing. Liberty pumps are economic and ship with TSA (transportation safety authority) approval.

liberty series

  • Progressive Cavity Pumps 
  • Aftermarket Pump parts
  • Replacements for L-frame series pumps
  • Flow rates range from 0.9 to 391 gpm
  • Pressure ranges from 150-225 PSI

Justice series

  • Open Hopper Progressive Cavity Pumps
  • Ideal for viscous liquids 
  • Ideal for high solids contents
  • Flow rates range from 0 to 293 gpm
  • Pressure ranges from 0-255 PSI
  • 3-stages options

freedom series

  • Ideal for Sanitary Progressive Cavity Pump applications
  • Designed for materials of all viscosities
  • From alcohol to solids like apples
  • Flow rate ranges from 10 to 125 gpm
  • Pressure ranges from 10 to 150 PSI

millennium series

  • Heavy-Duty Progressive Cavity Pump
  • Used for high difficulty displacement pumping
  • Ideal for abrasive sludges and crude oil
  • Flow rate ranges from 54-788 gpm
  • Pressure ranges from 85 to 350 PSI