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Albin pump

Albin Pump, a division of Ingersoll Rand, has designed and manufactured peristaltic pumps, hose pumps, and tube pumps since 1928. The company has provided high-quality peristaltic pumps for a wide range of industries such as water & wastewater transfer pumps, food and beverage, mining dosing pumps, chemical injection & chemical metering pumps, agricultural transfer & liquid fertilizer pumps, and more. Learn more about how Albin Pump helped facilitate the process for a textile coating manufacturer in our blog article. As a type of positive displacement pump, peristaltic pumps are known as hose pumps, tube pumps, or roller pumps. They can transfer, dose, or meter a wide range of fluids.

Peristaltic Pump Advantages:

  • Due to fewer mechanical parts, pump setup and maintenance is quick and easy.
  • Fluid touches only the inner surface of the hose but does not touch any part of the pump. A user can easily clean the hose by flushing the lines and the process piping system due to bi-directional flow.
  • Degassing valves are not required. By moving fluid through the hose and squeezing tube, the rollers prevent backflow and create a sealless system, eliminating the need for mechanical seals.
  • Can run dry, self-prime, and offer a high suction lift (32 ft / 9.8 m).
  • Peristaltic pumps do not rely on valves that can clog. They are ideal for handling abrasive fluids and shear-sensitive fluids.