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Craft brewers - Beer, Wine & Spirits

Burt Process has been a leading provider in the beverage industry offering custom-engineered systems including: 

pH Neutralization, RO/DI High Purity Water, Lift Stations, Custom Thermoplastic Tanks, and Water Reclamation. 


Beverage manufacturing relies heavily on water. Water usage and conservation, wastewater treatment, and fluid handling are key elements to managing costs, operation efficiency, and being competitive in the industry. Leading into the 1980s just 89 breweries existed in the U.S. The Brewers Association, of which Burt Process is an active member, reported a total of 2,416 breweries were in operation in 2013. With the Beer wine and spirits industry's rapid expansion, remaining competitive is directly related to system efficiency and reliability. 

Burt Process Equipment systems are designed to provide peak efficiency, minimizing maintenance and downtime while increasing production reliability. BPE offers prepackaged systems and custom-engineered systems for any need and specification. Whether it's a complete end-to-end engineered system or a line system component, we have the solution. With our team of expert fabricators and our complete manufacturing facility, our engineers can design, develop and produce the system to fit any footprint and specifications required for your microbrew business. 

In addition to complete systems, Burt Process also carries an array of pumps, valves, instrumentation, tanks, and control devices to repair, replace or enhance your processing capabilities. Backed by Burt Process's support and field service team along with state-of-the-art cutting edge technology and precision equipment, your beverage facility will remain on the cutting edge.

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