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pump lift stations


Seeking a waste water pump lift station, vertical pump lift station, stainless steel pump lift station, portable pump lift station, or an air operated pump lift station? Burt Process Equipment has you covered. We offer these pump lift stations and more. Burt Process Equipment offers both standard and custom solutions for your industrial pump lift station requirements. These units provide a pre-packaged tank, pump(s), level control and discharge piping for automatic pump down applications. BPE lift stations are sized for incoming flows and optimal pump run times while offering the maximum in corrosion resistance for low or high pH applications for pH neutralization.

simplex pump lift station

  • One pump
  • Units available where redundancy is not required
  • Completely automatic
  • Handles the most aggerssive chemical solutions

duplex pump lift station

  • Two pumps
  • For when redundancy is required 
  • For when downtime is not an option
  • NEMA 4x Control Panel 
  • Automatic lead/lag 
  • Alternating pump control

custom lift stations

  • Customizable simplex, duplex or triplex
  • Can meet specific lift station requirements
  • Various material options
  • Pump & level instrument style options
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • Flow rates & pump pressures

lift station configurator

  • New Configurator
  • Combined Pump Curve
  • Compatible w/ all lift stations