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burt process equipment - webinars

2021 Webinars

High Purity Water Systems RODI Webinar 

October 6th, 2021 -  1PM-2PM

Burt Process Equipment’s Purex High Purity Water Systems are engineered, integrated, and prepackaged units with automatic controls and instrumentation designed for ease of installation and maximum reliability. The Purex systems provide high purity water generation, storage and distribution for biotechnology, industrial, laboratory, academic and semiconductor applications.

The result of over thirty years of experience in fluid handling equipment, the Purex line produces water quality to meet varying needs, including CAP, ASTM, and USP. Systems are designed for generation rates from 1 to 100gpm and distribution up to 300gpm. All systems feature PLC/HMI controls for exacting process control and user feedback. Units are skid mounted and factory tested to minimize field installation time and start-up costs.

The webinar will be non-proprietary focusing on understanding different high purity water quality standards, system sizing/design criteria, detailed component review, controls, and loop material construction and design. Furthermore, we will conclude the session with several case studies reviewing design criteria, application, and P&ID’s for each. Thank you for your consideration, we look forward to you joining us.

Custom Engineered Systems Webinar 

November 10th, 2021 -  1PM-2PM

Burt Process has been a leader in the design and manufacture of custom systems for various industries including pharmaceutical, semiconductor, aerospace, military, industrial, energy, municipal water, higher education, and healthcare for over 50 years.

Our specific expertise in the mechanical design and fabrication of equipment for unique specifications and customer requirements has enabled us to adapt to our client’s ever-changing needs and offer fully customized systems. This webinar will highlight various applications where a custom solution has been utilized. 

2021 Past Webinars

Chemical Feed Systems Webinar 

June 23rd, 2021 -  1PM-2PM

Pump Lift Stations Webinar 

April 21st, 2021 -  1PM-2PM

pH Adjustment Systems Webinar 

February 24th, 2021 -  1PM-2PM

2020 Past Webinars

Containerized & Modular Systems Webinar 

December 9th, 2020 -  1PM-2PM

Understanding pH System Design Webinar

November 12th, 2020 -  1PM-2PM

High Purity Water System Design Webinar (RODI)

September 23rd, 2020 -  1PM-2PM

Advanced Flow Technology Webinar

September 16th, 2020 -  1PM-2PM

Solvent Systems Special Webinar

June 17th, 2020 1-1:30PM EST -PDH Credits may be available in your area, contact us for more info!

Chemical Feed Systems Webinar

May 20th, 2020 -  1PM-2PM

Pump Lift Stations Webinar

April 15th, 2020 1-1:30PM EST    -PDH Credits may be available in your area, contact us for more info!

pH Systems Design webinar

March 18th, 2020 -  1PM-2PM

2019 Past Webinars

High Purity Water System Design Webinar (RODI)

October 9th, 2019  -  1pm-2pm

pH Systems Design Webinar

February 20th, 2019  -  1pm-2pm

Chemical Feed Systems Webinar

June 19th, 2019  -  1pm-2pm