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hayward pumps

Hayward's line of thermoplastic pumps offers magnetic, centrifugal, and vertical series pumps as well as in-tank filtration to meet all of your needs. For over 80 years Hayward has engineered their equipment to last. These pumps are heavy-duty and designed to handle continuous flow.


d series vertical pumps

  • Flows From 2 to 17 GPM with a TDH up to 18 Feet
  • Used in Water Service
  • Seal-Less Design

s series vertical pumps

  • Flows From 5 to 130 GPM with a TDH up to 115 Feet
  • Used in Water Service
  • Seal-Less Design
  • Heavy duty design for continuous flow

t series vertical pumps

  • Flows From 5 to 80 GOM with a TDH up to 45 Feet
  • Used in Chemical Processing and Transfer, Metal Plating, Waster Water Treatment, Mining, Electronics, and Aquatic Support

in-tank filtration

  • CPVC corrosion-resistant construction
  • Seal-less and bearing free pump
  • 1/15 HP features built-in power cord
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Fast filter change
  • Double filter optional

r series magnetic drive pumps

  • Flows from 5 to 140 GPM with a TDH up to 141 Feet
  • Uses: Waste Water Treatment, Metal Finish & Plating, Chem Processing, Swim Pools/Water Parks, & Aquatic Support
  • No Mechanical Seals

c series centrifugal pumps

  • Flows From 5 to 83 GPM with a TDH up 70 Feet
  • Used in Standard Water Service and applications where no metal can contact the fluid
  • Rugged design for continuous service

z solenoid metering pumps

  • Flows From 1 to 29 GPH with Pressures up to 232 PSI
  • Used for Waste Water Treatment, Chemical Dosing, Cooling Towers, Aquatic Life Support, and Chlorination Systems and Metal Plati

lifestar aquatic pumps

  • Flows from 12 to 193 GPM with a TDH up to 109 Feet
  • Used For Salt Water, Aquatic and Animal Life Support, Aquaculture, Research and Science
  • Self-Priming with Basket Strainer

lifestar vs pump

  • Flows from 8 to 170 GPM with a TDH up to 87 Feet
  • All the Same Usage and Features of the LifeStar┬«Aquatic Pump
  • Programmable VFD