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wastewater treatment systems


Since 1970, Burt Process Equipment has led the way in wastewater treatment technologies, providing industrial firms and institutions with successful solutions to environmental challenges. Learn more about industrial wastewater.


Multi-stage pH Neutralization & Metals Precipitation System


Multi-stage pH Neutralization and metals precipitation system capable of processing 10 gpm or 4,000 gallons over an eight hour period. Waste is collected in a 4,000 gallon bulk equalization tank and then pumped through a multi-stage waste treatment module which includes metals precipitation and final pH adjustment. 

Precipitated solids are collected in a settling compartment where they are then pumped to a clarifier for further dewatering. The entire operation is monitored and controlled via onboard ORP, pH and flow instrumentation.

Cyanide Destruct & Waste pH Neutralization System

This system is a skid mounted flow-through four (4) stage continuous pH adjustment and oxidation system designed to remove toxic Cyanide from cooling tower wastewater, and to adjust final pH for discharge compliance. Wastewater is supplied from existing transfer pumps to the system inlet. The system is comprised of four tank assemblies, one tank per stage, with Acid/Caustic reagent dosing and Sodium Hypochlorite dosing pumps, and a Main PLC Control panel. 

The system is designed to accept and treat continuous wastewater flow at 23 gpm. This rating assumes a minimum retention time of 20 minutes in each stage (or approximately 80-90 minutes in the system). The system can also accept flows of up to 30 gpm for short durations. 

System treatment entails increasing the pH of the wastewater in Stage 1, followed by oxidizing Cyanide to Cyanate in Stage 2, subsequently oxidizing the resultant Cyanate to Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen in Stage 3, and finally adjusting pH for discharge in Stage 4. The system is designed to allow wastewaters at temperatures of up to 100˚F into the system.