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pH neutralization systems are used to treat high acidic or high alkaline industrial wastewater. The most important objective of pH neutralization is to modify an acid or base water flow to a neutral pH. pH adjustment in water treatment can be accomplished in either a batch or continuous flow pH neutralization system. Direct discharge of wastewater from chemical processes is harmful to the environment and significantly reduces the service life of piping systems and pumps. pH adjustment systems help meet wastewater discharge regulations.

Burt Process Equipment is a global leader in robust wastewater pH neutralization systems. Designed by our expert team of engineers, these highly reliable, easy-to-install pH adjustment systems are pre-packaged and completely integrated, offering automatic acid neutralization of industrial wastewater. These state-of-the-art pH control systems use pH adjustment chemicals for efficient wastewater treatment and can handle a variety of flow rates within the 2-12 pH range. Customized pH adjustment systems are available. Learn more about What is a pH Neutralization System?


There is no standard pH neutralization system that works for every application. Our decades of experience give us the ability to engineer systems that are custom designed for your specific wastewater treatment application. Burt Process engineered industrial pH neutralization systems offer multiple options to best handle wastewater composition, flow rate, operation, and treatment considerations. Read about "What is pH?" and "What is pH adjustment?" in our blog articles.

The pH Plus series of pH adjustment systems are compact, reliable, efficient, easy to install, and cost-effective. These are continuous flow pH control systems. The Assured Compliance system features hybrid batch technology and can handle out-of-range pH conditions. The Lab Master family is designed for semiconductor facilities and labs since it can handle low ion waste streams. The Spec Master is our premier series, made for the most demanding applications and custom-built to your specifications

  • Modularized pH neutralization systems
  • Continuous & batch treatment options
  • Flow rates up to 50 gpm
  • Designed for smaller flows
  • Footprint optimization & quick availability
  • Driven by proprietary hybrid batch
  • Modular&fully customizable to 300 gpm
  • Self-cleaning retraction pH probes
  • Recirculation loop reagent injection
  • PLC/ HMI controls
  • For difficult to adjust waste systems
  • For when high purity water is main comp.
  • Offers enhanced treatment
  • Increases the buffering capability of waste
  • Prevents pH oscillation
  • Provides single/multistage pH treatment
  • For Industrial Waste Systems
  • Sized for influent pH
  • Ranging from 2-12 up to 1,000 gpm
  • Continuous flow

Decades of expertise in wastewater handling have gone into every acid neutralization system we produce, and every component is tested for optimal reliability. The pH Plus Family is a continuous flow pH neutralization system that can handle 4-12 pH with flow rates up to 50 GPM. These units have a smaller footprint with minimal installation costs. Our pH Plus boasts a compact, simple and safe design, as well as double containment tanks, corrosion-resistant materials, and exceptional reliability. Safety features include alarms for high and low pH, reagent low levels and deviations from pre-specified parameters. Batch collection tanks, pump transfer stations, flow monitoring, and liquid level controllers are options that will enhance the pH monitoring and pH controlling capabilities.

Our skid-mounted Assured Compliance System uses hybrid batch technology to treat continuous flow streams. These pH adjustment systems can handle flow rates up to 300 GPM with 2-12 pH levels. Unlike typical continuous flow systems, the ACS provides assurance of a properly treated waste stream through the use of free-board and flow diversion should an out of range pH condition occur. Standard features include a multi-chamber treatment tank, rugged gear driven mixer, re-circulation loop reagent injection, and flow fault detection, wet-tap with self-cleaning pH probe and high-efficiency proportional metering pumps. Options include single or dual-stage treatment and effluent sampling.

Designed for low ion waste streams found in laboratories using chemicals and high purity water, the Lab Master pH neutralization system uses a pre-treatment feed system for fast, accurate pH adjustments without oscillation. A precision metering system minimizes chemical usage. For facilities with limited space, compact modules, individual component systems, and skid mounted models are available. Options include dual and multi-stage pH adjustment, bulk chemical transfer and a choice of pump lift stations if gravity flow is not possible.

For companies with the most rigorous engineering specifications, we have the Spec Master pH adjustment system. These engineered systems are made from high-end components, designed to your specifications. Features include fusion welded, steel-reinforced polypropylene tanks; low RPM, high-efficiency mixers; high temperature extended life probes, and touchscreen controllers. Options for this pH adjustment system include dual and multi-stage neutralization, bulk chemical transfer, pH and flow monitoring, and batch neutralization.