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Signet 3-9950-2 Dual Channel Transmitter - DC or AC


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Signet 3-9950-2 Two Channel Multi-Parameter Inputs, Two 4 to 20 mA Outputs, Panel Mount, AC or DC Power
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  • The 9950 Transmitter is a two-channel controller that can
    support two sensors of the same or different types in one
    instrument. The sensor types supported by the 9950 are
    Signet Flow, pH/ORP, Conductivity/Resistivity, Salinity,
    Temperature, Pressure, Level, Dissolved Oxygen, and
    devices that transmit a 4 to 20 mA signal with the use of
    the 8058 iGo® Signal Converter.
    The 9950 includes advanced features such as derived
    functions, advanced multiple relay modes, and timer based
    relay functions. Derived functions allow for the control
    of a relay or current loop with the sum, delta (difference),
    or ratio of two measurements, for example, delta pressure
    and delta temperature. Multiple relay modes allow up to
    three signals to be used for the control of a single relay.
    This can be any combination of analog and binary inputs.
    The timer relay modes allow the relay to be activated on a
    repeating basis from every minute to once every
    30 days. Weekday timer mode allows a relay to be turned
    on on a specific day or days of the week at a specific time.
    The 3-9950.393-3 Relay Module includes the ability to
    interface up to four binary inputs. The binary inputs are
    compatible with either open collector or mechanical
    contacts. The binary inputs can supply power to the
    four inputs or accepts powered outputs from external
    devices. These inputs can be used with level switches,
    flow-switches, pressure switches, or other devices. The
    inputs can be used to directly control the relays of the
    9950 or can be used in combination with the measurement
    readings for advanced control of your process.

    The 9950 supports the following relay modules:
    • Four-Channel Mechanical Relay Module
    • Two Mechanical and Two Solid State Relay Module
    • Two Mechanical Relays and Four Binary Inputs

    • One instrument for multiple sensor types
    • Two different sensor types can be combined in
    one unit
    • Configurable display
    • Derived measurements
    • Advanced boolean logic
    • Optional modules can be added for additional
    • USB Port for Field Upgrades using standard
    USB Flash Drive

    • Wastewater Treatment
    • Reverse Osmosis
    • Deionization
    • Chemical Manufacturing / Addition
    • Metal and Plastic Finishing
    • Fume Scrubber
    • Cooling Tower
    • Media Filtration
    • Chemical Dosing/ Injection
    • Aquatic Life Support
    • Pools & Fountains
    • Rinse Tanks
    • Chemical Neutralization