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polymer plus series


Burt Process Equipment manufactures the PolymerPlus Activation System, a robust solution for businesses that require high performance polymer feed systems. The PolymerPlus blends polymers using a patented, motor-less, high energy activation chamber. This polymer blending system works by activating polymer as it passes through the high turbulence that’s generated by the patented orifice. The orifice automatically opens with the 10-PSI feed, and it compensates for flow changes. System components of this polymer feed system are constructed from corrosion-resistant thermoplastics and welded stainless steel. Among polymer mixing systems, the Burt Process PolymerPlus offers state-of-the art engineering and highly effective design.

Learn about the different PolymerPlus models, which are available for dry polymer blending and liquid polymer blending. Available options include on/off auto with relay, low polymer switch, custom control panel and run remote indication. Choose the one that best fits your requirements.

polymer plus pc series

  • Feeds all types of liquid polymer
  • Designed to feed all rates

polymer plus d series

  • 100-D polymer blending activates all types of polymers
  • BPE patented motorless, high energy, activation chamber

Polymer plus ps series

  • Liquid Blending of Polymers System
  • Designed low polymer feed applications

polymer plus s series dry

  • Dry polymer blending system
  • High energy conductor
  • Specifically for polymer service

polymer plus ds series dry

  • Dry polymer feed system
  • Prevents problems w/ other Activated Dry PolymerPlus Feed Systems

The PolymerPlus PC liquid polymer feed system, designed with modular stainless steel components, handles a multitude of feed rates and all types of liquid polymer. It activates polymer through its motor-less activation chamber, using a progressive cavity polymer feed pump. It features a self-cleaning sight tube and a water flow switch. The power consumption for the Polymer Plus PC model is less than 1,000 watts.

Our PolymerPlus 100-D polymer feed system feeds a wide variety of liquid polymer at various feed rates. Designed for mid-range dewatering applications, this system uses a solenoid operated diaphragm metering pump. The liquid polymer blending system works with potable or filtered process dilution water at 30 to 100 psi. Features include a motorless, high energy, patented activation chamber, self-cleaning sight tube, water flow switch and accessible external injection valve. Power consumption is less than 200 watts.

For low polymer feed rates, we offer the PolymerPlus 100-PS liquid polymer feeder systems. With less than 200 watts of energy consumption, it features a peristaltic type metering pump that is self-priming and can be run dry. The self-cleaning sight tube lets the operator monitor system operation. It activates polymer with its high energy, motor-less activation chamber and includes a water flow switch.

The 100-S dry polymer blending system can be used to feed polymers at various feed rates. It uses a progressing cavity type metering pump and activates the polymer with a patented, motor-less, high energy activation chamber. The high energy Polyductor suctions, disperses and hydrates the polymer, resulting in faster hydration and finer dispersions. Dilution water rinses interior walls to prevent build-up, and the self-cleaning sight tube allows process monitoring.

With the 100-DS dry polymer feed system, the disc feeder feeds polymers, and the disc is vacuumed by the Polyductor’s suction air flow, minimizing polymer build-up for consistent flow. It is specially engineered to prevent common problems with dry polymer systems and it’s compact, quiet and reliable. Features include stainless steel construction and polymer level monitoring. The 100-DS is designed as a modular system, which can be used with existing tanks. This dry polymer feed system is easy to use and maintain.