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high purity reverse osmosis deionization systems


In the field of high purity water systems, the PurePlus RODI Water System is in a class of its own. Burt Process Equipment brings decades of expertise in corrosion-resistant, high-purity systems to the highly engineered PurePlus line of reverse osmosis deionize water systems . This compact, skid-mounted generation and distribution equipment is ideas for water generation grades such as USP, electronic, ASTM/NCCLS/CAP lab and others. The PurePlus high purity water system is designed for water generation and chemical applications, featuring state-of-the-art construction and materials, and can be quipped for remote access. This compact, skid mounted unit provides a cost effective, easy-to-install reverse osmosis water system or laboratory water purification system. 

pureplus high purity water

  • Tested modules to reduce installation time
  • Our team provides site support for start up
  • Operator training
  • Complete System
  • Distribution loop sanitization

sample custom systems

  • High Purity Water Generation
  • Dual Feed High Purity Water Generation
  • Ultra-Pure Water Generation

high performance control and monitoring

Precision control and monitoring is nimbly handled with water quality monitors and integrated control systems, as well as PLC based controls with an optional web interface. There is a low resistivity alarm and diverter valve, and continuous storage tank level measurement. You can choose from Ethernet and modem options for convenient remote access.  


The best materials and design for ultrapure water

The RODI water system from Burt Process Equipment outperforms those systems made by other high purity water systems manufacturers. It is because of the uncompromising materials and superior engineering. This includes proprietary Ultrapure storage vessels, fusion welded and sanitary polypropylene, and PVDF piping and high-pressure stainless-steel reverse osmosis pressure vessels with performance membranes. Deionizers include mixed bed resin and EDI electrodeionization, along with pretreatment water softening and carbon treatment. Also standard on this ultrapure lab water system is ultraviolet bacteria and TOC reduction, plus pharmaceutical and electronics grade filter elements.

exceptional engineering and service

In addition to superior laboratory water purification systems, Burt Process Equipment engineers and technicians provide complete on-site support for installation and start-up, training, system and distribution loop sanitation. Custom systems are also available for customers with unique requirements, with available services ranging from preliminary site reviews, process design and specification writing, to complete mechanical design, project management and software development.