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custom systems


Burt Process Equipment has been providing our clients with custom solutions and equipment since 1970. Utilizing our experienced engineers and fabrication staff we can bring your conceptual equipment designs to reality.   With a focus on skid-mounted and factory modularized equipment, we can provide a pre-piped and wired assembly for almost any application.


heat exchange duplex transfer skid

  • Duplex sequence operation
  • Heat exchange 210° flow through
  • Cold Glycol recirculation loop
  • Self-priming pumps
  • Pit application

custom pump cart

  • Portable high-pressure pump system for pilot test
  • Manufacturer of time-release capsules
  • Uses Netzsch Progressing Cavity Pump
  • High-pressure system with variable speed control
  • Compact custom design
  • Convenient electrical and plumbing disconnects

custom acid-caustic 

pump enclosures

  • Caustic & Acid PVC Chemical Containment Boxes
  • Clear Splash Guard Enclosure 2-way Accessible
  • Back Pressure Valves,  Ball Valves & Strainers
  • Suction and Discharge Metering Pumps
  • Steel Wall Mount Stand

gylcol distribution system

  • For sub-freezing liquid circulation
  • Utilizes nitrogen cased magnetic drive pumps
  • ASME stamped pressure vessels
  • Complete Control

chemical dilution system

  • For manufacturing of synthetic resins
  • Skid utilizes progressing cavity pump
  • Magnetic flowmeters to create a specific chemical/water mixture

high press pump test bench

  • Controls for variable flow & pressure
  • Performance testing for industrial pump manufacturer
  • Welded stainless steel & plastic construction

chemical cleaning trailer

  • Mobile high-pressure chemical cleaning trailer
  • For power plant operations
  • DOT chemical tank
  • High-pressure pump w/ stainless steel discharge manifold
  • Control panel for pump & chem temp control

filtration skid

  • Recycling of hydrofracking water
  • Backwashable multi-media filtration skid
  • Includes filter, high flow pump 
  • Solvent welded CPVC piping &valves
  • Stainless steel PLC/HMI control panel

chemical makeup & delivery

  • Multi-stage chemical makeup&delivery system
  • For industrial manufacturing facility
  • Polypropylene construction
  • CPVC&PVDF transfer piping
  • Actuated valves & feed pumps
  • NEMA 4X controls

industrial water recyc. system

  • Skid-mounted filtration & sanitization skid
  • For industrial water recycling
  • Includes automatic multi-stage back washable filter
  • Ultraviolet sanitization
  • PLC/HMI control panel
  • Actuated valve manifold

chemical makeup system

  • High purity portable chemical makeup tank
  • Polypropylene tank&sanitary interconnecting pipe
  • Mixing, filtration, pH
  • Differential pressure and level
  • Pumped recirculation
  • On-board instrumentation for mass flow

cleaning bench aircraft

  • Flushing of naphtha from engine heat exchangers
  • PLC controlled pressure&temp
  • Air-cooled chilled
  • Stainless steel welded construction