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flowline dike and levee level measurement

Reliable Level Measurement of Dikes and Levees


Flowline Success Story

When a city needed reliable level measurement of their dikes and levees, they turned to Flowline. After being hit by a major hurricane, this city has made great progress and its flood control and technology have improved tremendously. Level measurement is crucial in this architecture, and hundreds of Flowline level sensors are utilized throughout the system. 

The city has recently decided to shift to radar sensors in outdoor applications. This is because the radar is unaffected by wind or rain. The encapsulated sensor is designed for suspended, bracket-mounted installation over dams, rivers, canals or reservoirs, in all types of weather.

This particular radar sensor (pictured to the right) provides ongoing level data to the SCADA, which monitors the levees and controls the dikes. Contact Us for technical assistance in choosing the best Flowline sensor for your application.