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Chlorine Dosing in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp

Grundfos metering pumps and GF Signet flow meters are used by Water Mission engineers to provide reliable and sustainable safe water to refugees at the Nyarugusu refugee camp in Tanzania.
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By Water Mission, Jeff Zapor - Director of Engineering and Innovation

The Nyarugusu refugee camp in Tanzania is an excellent example of how Water Mission can provide reliable and sustainable safe water to people in need.

In its 23-year history, water in Nyarugusu has either gone untreated or has relied on manual mixing of calcium hypochlorite directly into storage tanks. This approach is unreliable, poorly controlled, and produces unwanted byproducts that settle in the bottom of storage tanks.

Even though deep drilled groundwater is typically safe to drink, Water Mission adds chlorine to avoid contamination after it leaves the tap stand. Since refugees living in the camp transport their water in plastic jerry cans or buckets, the chlorine residue provides added assurance by killing any bacteria that might find its way into the containers.

With a large demand for safe water from a camp population of approximately 150,000, Water Mission’s team in Tanzania has provided a large-scale, reliable, controllable, and efficient water treatment solution through chlorine dosing pumps. Nyarugusu refugee camp now sources all water exclusively using boreholes, some of which operate at a capacity of up to 85 cubic meters per hour (375 gallons per minute).


Test setup: A Grundfos dosing pump will ensure the correct amount of chlorine is added to the water.

Chlorine Dosing Process

  1. A highly concentrated chlorine solution of OxyChem’s sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione (commonly known as Dichlor) is mixed in a chemically resistant dosing tank.
  2. Using a Georg Fischer Signet 2537 flow meter and a 9900 transmitter, the flow from the borehole is instantaneously measured.
  3. A signal is sent to a Grundfos DDA digital dosing pump.
  4. The digital dosing pump injects a calculated mix of the chlorine solution into the borehole supply pipe.
  5. Using a Georg Fischer Signet oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) probe, chlorine levels are monitored in real-time and are verified daily through Water Mission’s standard free chlorine color wheel testing kits.
  6. When the raw water reaches the tank, it has been thoroughly mixed with the calculated dosing to provide consistent and comprehensive disinfection.

This system provides safe and reliable water treatment, thus allowing the Water Mission team to better serve and meet the needs of refugees at the Nyarugusu camp. This shows yet another example of how Water Mission strives to work with love, excellence, and integrity.
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Nyarugusu Refugee camp in Tanzania