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Netzsch Nemo® Fsip® Progressing cavity pumps

By William Elliott

"Versatile, innovative, high-performance" are words Netzsch uses to describe the NEMO┬« FSIP┬« or "Full-Service-in-Place" Progressing Cavity Pump. What is so unique and innovative about this pump? Well, quite a bit!

THE Company

Let's begin with the manufacturer - Netzsch. For over 70 years, Netzsch has been an innovator and manufacturer of positive displacement pumps and has a global market reach serving a wide variety of challenging pumping applications. Netzsch produces over 50,000 pumps per year and serves as the largest progressing cavity pump manufacturer in the world.

THE Products

Among the four pump technologies offered by Netzsch, including TORNADO┬« rotary lobe pumpsNOTOS┬« multi-screw pumps, and PERIPRO┬« peristaltic pumps, stands perhaps Netzsch's most innovative and serviceable pump products - the NEMO┬« series of progressing cavity pumps. While progressing cavity pumps are not a new concept, originally developed by inventor Rene Moineau in 1932, Netzsch has taken the innovation further with the NEMO┬« FSIP┬« or "full-service-in-place" design. 

THE design technology

The Netzsch FSIP┬« Ready, Advanced, and Pro designs deliver costs savings, reduced down-time, and serviceability without removal from the system. This serviceable design results in up to 66% of saved working time and savings in costs with reduced maintenance time. Advanced design features that make this possible include:

  • The pump housing functions as a support and orientation guide - this means each part fits automatically to its location in the proper orientation without additional adjustments. Changing wearable parts takes half the time of other similar pumps.
  • Compact and economical - for block construction with flanged drive applications.
  • Full-Service-in-Place design - lower investment, operating costs, and reduced costs due to less downtime is possible with these three variant FSIP┬« pump design features:

  • FSIP┬« Ready - Standard Pump
  • Revised BY housing with inspection cover
  • Standard drive train
  • Standard seal arrangement
  • FSIP┬« Advanced - Upgraded Pump
  • New housing design with large inspection cover
  • Split coupling rod
  • Rotor and stator serviceable in place
  • FSIP┬« Pro - Upgraded Pump
  • New housing design with large inspection cover
  • Split coupling rod
  • Rotor and stator serviceable in place
  • Cartridge style single-acting mechanical seal
  • Fully serviceable in place mechanical seal

Industries and Applications

Netzsch NEMO┬« FSIP┬« progressing cavity pumps are an excellent solution for a wide range of applications. The unique versatility of NEMO┬« FSIP┬« pumps is suitable for applications where different media pumping includes low pulsation, fluctuations in pressure and viscosity, and various metering needs.

Netzsch NEMO┬« FSIP┬« pumps are often used for, but not limited to, the following industries:

  • Environment & Energy
  • Chemicals & Paper
  • Mining
  • Food & Pharmaceuticals
  • Oil & Gas

The Leader in Fluid Handling Solutions

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