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Level Measurement of Insanity
Level Logic

By Dave Carson


How many technologies are out there for level measurement?

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In terms of continuous level measurement and non-point switches, there are nearly 20 level measurement technologies for liquids or solids. As electronic circuits and software become ever more sophisticated, the evolution of level measurement continues to escalate in technological complexity. At the same time, instrument configuration and access to measurement data are becoming easier. The growing options could drive an end-user insane.

It was once the norm to run a twisted pair for 4-20mADC analog signals that would be proportional to the level information from the field transmitter. Today, with single and multi-level process instrumentation diagnostics, the analog signal will not provide enough information without superimposing a HART signal to the output. Transmitters are designed with digital signal communication, providing the end-user with important diagnostic messages and critical information for the internal "health" of the transmitter.

Many users still want level measurement solely for the purpose of reporting or for use as a process control parameter. However, over the past few years, the complexity of level measurement technology has become almost mind-boggling. With a plethora of level measurement technologies on the market today, choosing the right technology becomes somewhat overwhelming to the end-user. Knowledgeable, unbiased experts have become essential to select the right device for an application.

With the "shopping cart" approach to level and flow technology solutions on the market, and the added complexity of the newer technologies, who can you trust? Having more technologies in your arsenal is not bad, but how do you navigate all the technology choices without becoming completely insane?

The big question is whether the application warrants improved accuracy, repeatability, and overall performance. It’s important to understand that even though there are a host of new-level technologies available, the applications for older designs like mechanical devices are still ever-present.

With so many choices, how often are level technologies misapplied? Too many! The reason is an overlap in technologies that can provide suitable measurement. So how in the world do we select from the vast number of technologies? That’s where "Level Logic" comes into play! Level Logic pares down to the best technology and is followed by supplier selection. This happens with a series of questions that outline the application parameters to make the proper choice.


Remember, it’s not a one-size-fits all. There are multiple solutions depending on the application. For example, a simple mechanical buoyancy float or displacer may serve its intent quite well in a liquid application. However, when the liquid has debris or coats the sensor, then mechanical level measurement technology will fail. Think of the one-size-fits-all slippers. You may be within the size range of 7-10, but there will be some slippage and movement with your foot within that slipper, so it's not a good choice. Don’t be blindly persuaded by shiny new or attractive level measurement technologies. Make sure you use "Level Logic", so you end up with a “slipper” that fits perfectly!

First, focus on the merits of the core technology. Then evaluate the nuances of the design and how it benefits the performance within your application. Narrow down to core technology then look at which level companies provide that technology. It’s always wise to discuss your unique level application with someone who is knowledgeable and unbiased regarding level measurement manufacturers. Unbiased specialists at Burt Process have been building and selecting all types of level technologies for over 50 years. These are the type of experts you should consult for the best selection and learn about design limitations.

Burt Process now unveils "Level Logic" for your benefit. Download the Level Logic Guide and simply answer these questions.
By answering these few questions, your application, physical and environmental conditions, and measurement media have been established. Your Burt Process level specialist will narrow down the best technology and manufacturer for your application. Let us walk you through the selection process so that your device will communicate seamlessly and accurately to your plant information system. Let our “Level Logic” take the insanity out of your level measurement solution!