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 Data centers/Electronics Cooling
with GRI Pumps INTEGRITY series case study 

By GRI and Burt Process

Industry: Cloud Computing and Storage

Customer's Application: Electronics Cooling


The popularity of Cloud computing and storage has been increasing over the last decade for both homes as well as businesses. As a result, there is a high demand for highly efficient and remarkably fast data centers. The only issue with higher processing speeds is the production of more heat, which has a negative impact on electronics.  CDUs and DCLC technology require heat exchangers as a form of reducing heat from these electronics.

THE GRI INTegrity Series solution

GRI's Integrity Series offers reliable, leak-free pumps to move the soluble through the heat exchangers in these flooded suction environments. The majority of data centers have been switching from air-cooling to liquid-cooling technology as a more efficient method to combat the computer-generated heat in high-tech equipment. This series of products offer a Cooling Distribution Unit and Direct Contact Liquid Cooling in order to keep the temperature stable while meeting the specific flow and pressure requirements.

PRODUCT SOLUTION gri integrity series solution


  • The INTG Series is designed in order to be able to electronically control the motor speed to the customer's specific pressure and flow requirements.
  • Multiple OEM options are available (Suction and Discharge port configurations).
  • Low power consumption results in quiet operation and long-lasting life.
  • Having a magnetically driven pump offers a sealless and leak-free product, isolating the motor and containing it away from the fluid.

Technical Data Specifications

  • Brushless DC variable speed motor, 12-48V
  • Maximum System Pressure: 50-75 PSI
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature Rating: 149-221 Degrees Fahrenheit 
  • OEM Control Options: Analog 0-5v DC Signal, Digital-PWM, CAN-Bus, Tachometer feedback