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The Burt Process Story

Founded in 1970, Burt Process Equipment is a leader in the worldwide community of people, businesses, and organizations striving to create a better environment through the innovative and responsible use of water and natural resources. Our mission at Burt Process is to be a value-added supplier to our customers. We partner with world-class companies that are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of product excellence. Our role is to listen, educate and respond to our client's needs. Burt Process is the cornerstone of communication between supplier and customer while providing product improvement and innovation in process design and systemization. 

At Burt Process Equipment, nothing stands before our people. We take pride in continual, professional improvement with a constant strengthening of the principles of teamwork and family values. We inspire and challenge each individual to reach their full potential. Our offices are energized with people that are committed to being the best they can be: at their job, with their family, and in their community. Teaming up with our customers and suppliers: Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. 


Founded on Expertise and Core Values 

In 1970, William Burt founded Burt Process Equipment. The company was established to provide metal finishing customers in the Naugatuck Valley of Connecticut with a technically competent and reliable source of plastic pipe, valves, and fittings for their chemical handling requirements. As the metal finishing industry grew and the acceptance of plastics in the industry proliferated, Burt Process developed a leadership position in the application of new products for a variety of corrosion-resistant processes. Throughout the 1970s, Burt Process worked with manufacturers to provide new solutions for difficult problems in transferring and controlling corrosive chemicals. 

Customers Have Always Come First 

With an eye on emerging industries, Burt Process Equipment built a strong reputation among customers and manufacturers for providing solutions, not just products, while continually focusing on friendly, courteous, and efficient customer service. Over the years, the company continued to add leading product lines, which included pumps, tanks, flow control devices, instrumentation, and chemical mixers. Within a decade, Burt Process had established steady growth as a specialty distributor with a full line of corrosion-resistant fluid handling products. 

Engineered and Manufactured Systems 

In 1979, Burt Process Equipment became a manufacturer of plastic tanks, steel tanks with corrosion-resistant linings and coatings as well as engineered process systems. Throughout the 1980s Burt Process continued to develop technical expertise and engineering capability again focusing on adding value to the products and systems the company sold. Standard Products such as level controls, pump lift stations, wastewater neutralization systems, and atmospheric evaporators were developed as a response to customer demand. The latest new equipment to be produced by BPE includes high purity water systems and rainwater recovery skids to meet the growing environmental demands of our clients. With a solid foundation in place, Burt Process was poised for growth. During the past decades, Burt Process has developed a professional management team with unparalleled sales and engineering forces. Equipment from Burt Process is shipped worldwide while we remain friends with our customer partners throughout the Northeast. 

Burt Process Today 

Today, Burt Process Equipment is a full-service manufacturer and supplier of world-class industrial products and engineered systems to a wide range of industries and markets. Burt Process engages in services ranging from efficient and reliable distribution of products to fully integrated design, manufacturing, and installation of complex process systems. Our core values focusing on partnerships with our customers and suppliers are as prevalent today as they were when Bill Burt founded the company in 1970. 

We Are Here For You 

We hope you use the resources Burt Process provides to make informed decisions on all of your engineering and system requirements.