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Wastewater Treatment DeWatering

 with ARO evo series Electric Diaphragm Pump Case Study

By ARO and Burt Process


Industry: Commercial Cleaning Industry

Customer's Application: Waste Water Treament/Dewatering


A large commercial cleaning product manufacturer that produces chemicals, as well as other equipment, required certain features in their wastewater discharge pump. They needed the ability to sustain consistent flow rates with altering head pressures as well as constantly running operations at varying speeds. The urban sewer systems would also require precise measuring of wastewater. The eligibility to vastly increase the flow to release a large amount of wastewater was a necessity for the manufacturer.

THE ARo evo series solution

The EVO series Electric Diaphragm Pumps installation proved to be very beneficial. The pump had the ability to propel the exact amount of wastewater based on the flow rate directed by the municipality. Additionally, the pump provided a "sprint" capability to release massive amounts of wastewater when mandatory by the treatment process. The pump required no maintenance decreasing the costs and resources.

Runtime and Pump Speed Monitoring Graphic
Duty Cycle Graphic


Technical Data Specifications

  • Inlet Configuration: 2" Hose, 6ft (1,8m) vertical, 30 ft(9,1m) hose
  • Outlet Configuration: 2"Hose, 30ft (9,1m) having part of piping flooded into a filtration unit at ground level.
  • Flow: 30 gpm/113.6 l/min during the day; 6.8gpm/25.7 l/mi) in the evening.
  • Duty Cycle: Continuous Duty  
  • The duty cycle rate has been 60% assuming VFD is powered meaning average working hours are between 14-16 hours


  • ARO-EVO has a simple and fast installation process because of the Smart ARO Set Up (SAS) software. The daily start-up is quick and requires no additional adjustments   
  • The EVO Series Electric Diaphragm Pump saves the customer a large sum of money by maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing any maintenance costs.
  • The pumps have a great preservation of wear components (diaphragms, seats, balls); Increasing the diaphragm life significantly.
  • Low Pulsation leads to an increased output efficiency as well as a balanced and consistent flow rate.

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