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 Ink transfer and dosing processes
with Aro evo series Electric diaphragm pump case study 

By ARO and Burt Process

Industry: Printing/Packaging Industry

Customer's Application: Ink Transfer and Dosing Processes


The Flint Group noticed an increasing demand in the ink production industry. Their goal was to fully automate their method to significantly increase their ink production. They were in search of an advanced that reduces energy costs, increases volume production, maintains smooth and low pulsations, and handles abrasive liquids with greater density and viscosity. The group was furthermore looking for a pump that has a compact footprint, allowing it to fit into small operational spaces.


 THE ARo-EVO Series Solution

After various electrical pump technologies were evaluated, the top tier pump was the ARO-EVO Series Electrical Diaphragm Pump. An analysis of this pump determined a notable energy efficiency improvement as well as low pulsation, resulting in a smooth process without any additional devices necessary. Production volumes saw a steady increase without requiring additional space and this model had no flaws in its capabilities of handling these abrasive liquids.


PRODUCT SOLUTION ARO-evo series pump


  • PLC system allows for the pump to be fully remote controllable.
  • The EVO-Series provides a very smooth flow due to its unique 3-chamber design, reducing the pulsation and increasing the noise reduction.
  • There is no additional heat being added to the product, which helps sustain the characteristics of the original ink. This quality partially demonstrates why the EVO Series was chosen over all competition due to the fact that the ink quality can easily be affected depending on how sensitive it is to various heat temperatures.
  • ARO-EVO pumps realize a significant reduction in energy consumption along with an increase in production volumes.

Technical Data Specifications

  • Inlet Configuration: large batch tanks with suction from the bottom of the tank
  • Discharge configuration: 2"pipe, 15m (49.2 ft) long 4m (13.1 ft) up and 4m (13.1 ft) down
  • Flow: 100 l/min (26.4gpm)
  • Duty cycle: 24/7 operation
  • Current (avg): 4.5 amps; min: 3.7 and max 5.4 used for the application
  • Monthly running hours*: Intermittent duty. Pump is activated when base color matches the tank that needs to be pumped to the filling machine in a specific amount of volume and speed.
           *The pumps are operated 24/7, however total amount depends on schedule

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