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Concrete Washout
with Aro evo series Electric diaphragm pump case study 

By ARO and Burt Process


Concrete is a composite material composed of water, cement, and aggregate that is often used at construction sites. Concrete washout is essential in the construction industry after the mixing and pouring process. After the concrete is poured from ready-to-mix concrete trucks and pump trucks, they need to be washed and cleaned thoroughly to prevent buildup and blockage. This process entails collecting, retaining, and recycling the concrete washout water and solids to prevent contact with soil, surface, and ground waters. 


The washout procedure must be carried out in compliance with environmental regulations. As a contractor, it's crucial to maintain a safe and secure workspace. A detailed washout plan is necessary to preserve the environment from ecological damage. Concrete waste management minimizes pollutants from being released into stormwater. To effectively manage concrete washout, it's imperative to have a pump with sufficient deadhead pressure to ensure proper drying of the filtered material.


  • Environmental protection
  • Observe the law
  • Flood Prevention
  • Maintaining a safe and secure job site

 THE ARo-EVO Series Solution

Designed specifically for the demanding needs of the construction industry, the EVO Series offers exceptional performance and reliability. Its robust construction and high capacity make it an excellent choice for handling the concrete washout process. With the ability to hold sufficient deadhead pressure, this pump ensures optimal drying of the filtered material, which maximizes efficiency and productivity. The EVO series operates electrically, eliminating the need for an air compressor and providing consistent functionality, regardless of weather conditions. 

EVO's digital solution allows the customer to control the pump from their PLC interface. The EVO innovative diaphragm design, combined with a maximum flow rate of 140 gpm and maximum pressure of 120 psi, ensures optimal performance in handling even the toughest concrete washout tasks. With its suction lift and solid passing capabilities, the EVO Series is designed for various types of waste materials. Due to the pump's electrical capability to remove the need for a new compressor, customers can save a substantial amount of money.

PRODUCT SOLUTION ARO-evo series pump


  • Unique diaphragm design
  • Maximum flow rate of 140 gpm (530 l/min)
  • Maximum pressure of 120 psi (8.3 bar)
  • Duty cycle: 24/7 operation
  • Inlet 3ft

  • Suction lift and strong passing ability
  • Low pulsation levels
  • True deadhead capability

The ARO-EVO Advantage

  • PLC system allows for the pump to be fully remote controllable.
  • EVO has an easy connect/disconnect plug for the leak detection sensors.
  • The EVO-Series eliminated the possibility of the pump freezing during the winter months

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