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Starch Glue Pump Application
 Aro evo series Electric diaphragm pump case study 

By ARO and Burt Process

Starch Glue Industry

Starch is a complex carbohydrate found in corn, wheat, and potatoes. Unmodified starches have a high viscosity and a low solids content. Combined with acid treatment and chemical oxidation, these characteristics make the starch perfect for paper production. Paper packaging, such as cartons and corrugated boxes, primarily utilizes starch glues and adhesives. The cardboard and paper packaging industry is experiencing substantial economic growth, demonstrating its relevance to everyday life.  

The cardboard manufacturing industry faces a significant challenge of high energy consumption due to the immense amount of raw materials required and the continuous operation of various duty cycles. As a result, a robust and heavy-duty pump is essential to meet these demanding production needs. Additionally, the delicate nature of starch glue, used to bond different paper layers in corrugated cardboard production, adds complexity to the process. Starch glue is highly sensitive to overheating and high shear, requiring a pump that can deliver a gentle pumping action to preserve the glue's quality and ensure the production of premium-grade cardboard. 


The variable viscosity of starch glue, ranging from 1500 to 3000 cPs, demands a pump that can handle fluids with diverse viscosities effectively. The EVO Series Electric Diaphragm Pump’s versatility in handling such variable viscous fluids ensures consistent flow and optimal performance throughout manufacturing. The self-regulating capability of the EVO pump is another valuable feature that addresses the demand variations in the production process. As corrugating machines operate at different loads according to production needs, the pump automatically adjusts its operation to maintain a seamless flow of starch glue, optimizing production efficiency.

 THE ARo-EVO Series Solution

The EVO Series Electric Diaphragm Pump is a highly suitable energy-efficient option for this application. The industry's rising energy prices and growing environmental concerns make it imperative to opt for electric pumps over traditional air-operated pumps, which can be expensive and environmentally taxing to operate in manufacturing plants. The EVO pump's energy efficiency reduces production costs and aligns with sustainability goals. After just a few weeks of operation, one customer calculated an impressive Return on Investment of less than 14 months. This rapid payback period showcases the pump's exceptional energy efficiency, allowing the customers to save on energy costs and making it a financially prudent choice for their high-demand manufacturing operations.


  • Low noise operations which contributes to a quieter working environment
  • Unique three-chamber design and precise torque control
  • Reduced pulsation and provides a consistent flow of starch glue, enhancing overall quality and efficiency of carboard production
  • Easy maintenance procedures, reducing downtime and preventing costly production losses
  • The pump's easy integration into the existing infrastructure allows for remote monitoring and control
  • Good thermal resistance and abrasion
  • Superior chemical compatibility

  • Flowrate range of 2" fits for this application

EVO Series Starch Glue Pumps:

EP20-CFAAA-CSV-ACA 2" Cast Iron/Santoprene 

Other possible configurations: