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LMI A752-920NI Chemical Metering Pump

This product is discontinued. Please call us for help selecting a suitable replacement...
LMI A752-920NI Metering Pump, Diaphragm, Solenoid. 240 spm, Fluorofilm diaphragm, Ceramic balls, PTFE/Polyprel o-ring, Polyethylene tubing, max flow 1 gph, 3/8 in inlet size, 3/8 in outlet size, max viscosity 400 cps, max pressure 110 psi (7.6 bar), turndown ratio of 1200:1, Pulse Input with Dual Manual Control, 230 VAC 50/60 Hz, US Plug.
Weight (lbs) 10
  • LMI Roytronic Series A Metering Pump.
    1 GPH @ 110 PSI, 230 VAC 50/60 Hz, US Plug.
    (Machined FastPrime Head, Double Ball Check Valves)

    Pulse Input with Dual Manual Control
    Pulse signal input controls stroke frequency, manual stroke length control, stroke frequency manually adjustable when in local control mode. Includes low level float switch input.

    General Description
    LMI Roytronic Series A chemical metering pumps shall be positive displacement, Liquifram type pumps. Relevant model codes are NSF Certified, UL/CUL or CE certified. Output volume shall be adjustable while pumps are in operation from zero to maximum capacity.
    Pump Controls
    Adjustment shall be by means of readily accessible dial knobs, one for changing stroke length and the other for changing stroke frequency. Both knobs are to be located opposite the liquid handling end. When in external mode, Series A7 units shall accept signals to pace the pump without the use of an electrical timer or internal timer. A pulse indicator light will flash green when pumping in internal mode, and yellow when pumping in external mode. The pump shall be equipped with an on/off button, a low level float switch input and a low level indicator light.
    Drive Assembly
    The pump drive shall be totally enclosed with no exposed moving parts. Electronics shall be housed in chemical resistant enclosure at the rear of the pump for maximum protection against chemical spillage. Electrical power consumption shall not exceed 42 watts per hour under full speed and maximum pressure conditions. Pump weight shall not exceed 10 lbs (4.75 kg).
    Pressure Relief
    The LMI 4-Function Valve is recommended with a FastPrime or AutoPrime Liquid End to provide automatic pressure relief.
    Materials of Construction
    See Specifications tab. Chemical metering pump housing shall be of chemically resistant glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic. All exposed fasteners shall be stainless steel. Valves shall be serviceable by replacing the cartridge valve assembly.
    Check Valve, Tubing, Connections
    A total of 16 ft (4.8 m) of tubing shall be provided per pump complete with compressing connections (on models with tubing connections). A foot valve with integral one piece strainer shall be provided for the suction line (on non-high viscosity models with tubing connections), and an injection check/back pressure valve with 1/2" NPT male connection for the injection point (on models with tubing connections).