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GRI 15000-303 Oscillating Pump

GRI 15000-303 Oscillating Pump is a coil spring mounted oscillating pump and motor unit with 7/16 inch - 12mm ID hose ports connected to a 220 volt AC motor.
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  • The oscillating pump is a transfer or circulation pump with low flow (between 0.2 and 0.8 GPM) and low pressure (between 0 and 8 feet of head). The pump has an elastomeric impeller that extends into an electric coil after passing through a spring and an armature. The coil receives impulses 50–60 times per second from a diode in the circuit. Through the output, liquid is pumped with each pulse that pulls the armature and impeller forward against the spring. The spring pushes liquid into the intake while restoring the armature and impeller to their initial positions. Oscillating pumps have no dynamic seals, are self-priming, corrosion resistant, and made of FDA-approved materials. In most cases, the pump self-primes at a height of 48 inches.

    Applications: The GRI 15000-303 performs well in situations involving fluid replenishment, transfer, and circulation. Scientific and laboratory equipment, microfilm processors, litho plate processors, chemical mixing, graphic arts plate processors, medical equipment, detergent pouring, and film processors are a few specific areas where the pump excels. These oscillating pumps' FDA-approved components make them ideal for use in the market for laboratory and analytical apparatus, whether they are being used for fluid transfer, sterilizing lab and surgical equipment, a crucial analytical application, or a straightforward fluid circulation loop. The pump can handle a variety of liquid viscosities thanks to its design. However, the flow rate will be slower for fluids with greater viscosity than water. Actual flow may differ from listed values and from a pump.