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lutz drum pump sets

Lutz Drum Pump Sets help save time and money by offering the ideal pump, suitable accessories, and optional flow meter to be purchased together. Sets are available to empty thin-bodied liquids from canisters, drums, and containers. Lutz offers drum pump sets for many applications including acids or alkalis, light or concentrated, mineral oil products, and hazardous fluids or solvents.

Pump sets can include:  Explosion Proof Motor (ME I 6 EX, Class I Group C&D, Class II Groups F&G, with 16 ft cord) or Air Motor (MD2 with air connection), Stainless Steel Seal-less Pump Tube with High Volume Rotor, Stainless Steel Barrel Adaptor, Stainless Steel Nozzle with Swivel, Conductive Chemical Tubing with Conductive Fittings, Ground & Bonding wires, Wall Hanger.

Laboratory & Research Sector

For Non-Flammable Liquids