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Sandymount Technologies Cut Costs For Microbrewers With Grundfos Pumps

By Chris Lopes

Sandymount Revos hyperfiltration system is a low temperature membrane-based technology that removes up to 75% of water from beer, while protecting sensory characteristics. The removal of water weight (8.3 lbs. per gallon) to a beer concentrate means breweries can cut transportation costs. This creates new opportunities to consolidate production in high cost developed markets while exporting more to developing markets to meet growing demand. Once the concentrate is delivered to its destination, water can be added and beer bottled or canned for local consumption.

The Revos system uses a series of membrane filters to complete the water removal process which entails special consideration when selecting a pump. Grundfos multistage pumps have a long history of being industry preferred for reverse osmosis, desalination & microfiltration, among many other water filtration processes. These highly efficient Grundfos CR multistage water pumps use a series of impellers to increase the water pressure at each stage in the pump. It is this unique design that provides higher pressure across a broad range. This multi-stage, high-pressure pump design is ideal for clearing clogged membrane filters while maintaining stable flow rates. For breweries that favor FDA certified pumps, Alfa Laval offers multiple-stage pumps that meet FDA & EHDGE standards.
Burt Process is proud to partner with forward-thinking companies like Sandymount, who take their proven technologies and provide solutions to a rapidly growing Craft Beer marketplace.