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flowline sodium hydroxide mix tank level measurement

Reliable Level Measurement of Caustic Soda Mixing Tanks


Flowline Success Story - paper production

A paper manufacturer needed reliable level measurement of their caustic soda mixing tanks. Sodium hydroxide is an industry standard used to extract the organic polymer found in plant material called lignin, an organic polymer found in plant material Lignin makes the pulp too rigid for paper applications. 

NaOH is a highly corrosive media that crystallizes and is difficult to measure. Several day-tanks receive and periodically mix the chemicals to maintain consistency, which is then dispensed throughout the plant. There were ongoing level issues with sticking float switches due to coating and chatter from agitation. 

Flowline suggested the use of non-contact ultrasonic sensors installed in a stand-pipe as a reliable solution. Contact Us for technical assistance in choosing the best Flowline sensor for your application.