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Reliable Measurement of Biosolid Silos For Wastewater


Flowline Success Story

When a wastewater treatment plant needed a reliable level measurement of their biosolid silos, they turned to Flowline.

The plant turns sludge to cake by draining it and then processes the cake further to a powder using a digester heat exchanger and vortex mixer. The nutrient-dense powder is then stored onsite and sold to fertilizer companies who mix it into compost or pellets for resale to farms. The media is dusty and builds upon everything because of its consistency, which is similar to cement powder. 

Removing, cleaning, and reinstalling a different radar level sensor started to become a hassle to plant operators because they often become irregular and sporadic due to material build-up. For this reason, Flowline suggested the use of pulse radar sensors with high-power parabolic antennas that are ideal for dusty applications since they are unaffected by build-up.

The radar sensors provide continuous level data to the SCADA, which monitors the silos and alarms when full. Flowline is a reliable level measurement. Contact Us for technical assistance in choosing the best Flowline sensor for your application.