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flowline resin level measurement & Spill prevention

Reliable Level Measurement of Resin Storage Tanks


Flowline Success Story

A composite material manufacturer was looking for control and level measurement of their resin storage tanks so they turned to Flowline. This company manufactures resin, binds it with a variety of different materials, and then heats and stores it onsite for daily production. Resin that is Formaldehyde based is extremely vaporous, particularly if agitated during the tank filling.

During this, operators noticed the measurement from ultrasonic level sensors to be occurring irregularly, which was because of the weakened effects of vapor on acoustic signals. A high-level shut-off was also needed for spill prevention. 

After taking all of this into consideration, Flowline suggested the use of their radar sensors, since they are unaffected by vapor and a Switch-Pak high-level controller to provide safety for pump shut off. The radar sensor provides the PLC with ongoing level data, monitoring the storage tanks and controlling the system.

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