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Radar Level Sensor For Stormwater Pump Lift Station

ECHOPRO® LR31 Pulse Radar Liquid Level Sensor Wastewater Application


Flowline Success Story

Flowline suggested a reliable level sensor to the California Department of Transportation for the largest stormwater lift station in Los Angeles. The station is located below the intersection of two highways and usually is dry but has a capacity to keep and transfer a huge flow of water during the heavy rains.

The storage reservoir consists of catwalks and trash gates. There is only a small space 2′ x 3′ in the corner for the level sensor. One of the complaints from the station operators was that the previous liquid level sensor measured irregularly every time the water level went lower the catwalk. That is why the best option for that wastewater application was Pulse Radar Liquid Level Transmitter.

EchoPro®LR31 measures the distance between the sensor and the liquid surface below. Due to its narrow beams and automatic algorithms, this non-contact level measurement can neglect the false reflections.

EchoPro®LR31 level measurement is suitable for industrial and municipal storm or sewer lift station, reservoir, river, canal or open channel applications located below or above grade. This liquid level sensor perfectly works in challenging conditions such as small trash or plant material, wind, condensation or vapor, light surface foam or agitation. The radar sensor permanently transfers level data to the SCADA for station monitoring and pump control.

Flowline Radar Liquid Level Sensor provides continuous level measurement up to 98.4’ (30m) with a 4-20 mA analog signal output. Each sensor comes with a 32.8’ (10m) cable, mounting bracket for the installation above the liquid level, and a display module. Other options include the additional display mode that indicates the echo signal return curve, self-diagnostics, as well as recognition, storage, and rejection of false echo signal returns. Contact us today and we will help you to select the best liquid level sensor for your application.