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Level Measurement For Stormwater Pump Lift Station

Pulse Radar Liquid Level Sensor Wastewater Application


Flowline Success Story

The reliable level measurement for industrial and municipal stormwater pump lift stations was suggested to a municipality by Flowline.

Pump lift stations collect and transfer wastewater into treatment. These waste reservoirs are very dynamic environments that may contain dirt, grease, oil, agitation, sludge, foam, condensation, chemicals or vapor. Ultrasonic level sensors and pressure level sensors are unsuitable for those conditions due to condensing water fog, foam, and turbulence which cause damage and signal attenuation. For these reasons, the non-contact liquid level sensor was the best option for the pump lift station application. Flowline pulse radar sensor is unaffected by the challenging process conditions such as vapor, foam, or turbulence. Non-contact level measurement ensures permanent level data transmission to the SCADA system which monitors and controls the stations.

Flowline EchoPulse® General Purpose Pulse Radar Liquid Level Sensor measures the distance between the sensor and the liquid surface below. This non-contact radar sensor is the reliable level measurement solution for your most demanding lift station applications. The liquid level sensor emits a 26 GHz or 6.3 GHz RF pulse from the base of the antenna. The pulse travels through the free space, reflects against the liquid dielectric material and returns to the antenna. The sensor measures the pulse time of flight and translates it into liquid level distance.

Flowline EchoPulse┬« General Purpose Pulse Radar level sensor for liquid comes with a 32.8ÔÇÖ (10m) cable, mounting bracket and display module. The sensor is intended for bracket mount installation suspended above the liquid level. Simple configuration via remote push button display module 26 GHz. Auto-temperature compensation for accurate measurement. Self-diagnostics with selectable fail-safe signal outputs. Recognition, storage, and rejection of false echo signal returns. Contact us today and our highly qualified engineers' team will help you to choose the best level measurement for your application.