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flowline colored resin powder silo level measurement

Reliable Level Measurement for Powder Silo's


Flowline Success Story

A supplier of specialty plastics switched to Flowline when they needed reliable level measurement of their powder silos. In order to be used in medicinal and biopharmaceutical goods, the plant formulates and produces plastic pellets. Colored resin powder is mixed with other resins during this process to attain the defined color. 

Power inventory management is crucial to production and mechanical paddle and rotary level switches had ongoing failures at the company. Because of this, Flowline recommended the use of radar level sensors since they offer reliable, non-contact measurement of powder in dusty applications. 

The pulse radar sensors provide the PLC with continuous level data, which in turn tracks the powder replenishment silos and alarms. Contact Us for technical assistance in choosing the best Flowline sensor for your application.