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Alfa laval technology

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Alfa Laval is a world leader in the key technology areas of heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling. Alfa Laval plays a unique role in providing solutions that improve the energy efficiency of industrial processes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Committed to innovation, Alfa Laval helps increase the yield of food and energy production and produce clean water.

Alfa Laval products are involved in:

  • treating water
  • reducing carbon emissions
  • minimizing water and energy consumption
  • heating, cooling, separating
  • transporting food

high-quality products

Alfa Laval has developed products since 1883 with a vision of creating better everyday conditions for people. Alfa Laval is committed to saving energy and protecting the environment.

Water is an essential ingredient in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Once purified, non-compendial water, purified water, or water for injection must be stored and distributed in systems appropriately designed, installed, commissioned, and validated. Choose Alfa Laval hygienic equipment for complete solutions within pharmaceutical water systems.