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Roughly 2.2 billion people wake up every day to a life without safe drinking water. Children are weakened and dying due to water-borne diseases. The lack of safe water and adequate sanitation worldwide is a very real and present crisis.

The difference with this crisis is, we know how to solve it.

Burt Process is partnering with engineers at Water Mission to help build safe water solutions for people in developing countries and disaster areas who suffer every day due to a lack of clean water.

The employees at Burt Process walk to raise awareness and funds that save lives. Please help us by choosing a sponsorship level that works for you.

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All proceeds from this walk will be donated to Water Mission.

Burt Process and Water Mission work together to provide water treatment systems to assist in remote communities and disaster relief areas. We share our vast pool of engineering expertise and innovative technology to design and manufacture portable, cost-effective, and highly efficient water treatment systems. Learn more about how Burt Process is working to help end the Global Water Crisis.