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POLYMER FEED SYSTEM. s series dry auger


Burt Process PolymerPlus dry polymer feed system is engineered to provide a reliable means of feeding dry polymers. A multi-step process efficiently disperses and hydrates the polymer into a homogeneous solution. The initial step wets the polymer with multiple sprays. The solution is suctioned by a high energy eductor which conveys it to the aging tank and then the solution is gently agitated until fully aged. The polymer blending system is fully modular. It is available complete with age or feed tanks and solution metering pumps of your choosing: gear pumps, progressing cavity pumps, wobble stator pumps, diaphragm pumps, or peristaltic pumps. The tanks can be configured over/ under, side-by-side, or sequentially. Our system can also be adapted to utilize existing water treatment, mix, or storage tanks.

polymer documents:


  • Hopper has a standard capactiy of 3.8cu.ft. (107L)
  • Vibrator prevents polymer from bridging
  • Sensors ensure reliable operation
  • Air heater provides low humidity air to the discharge
  • Easy polymer feed rate calibration
  • Reliable control logic
  • User friendly operator interface
  • Dilution capacities from 5 to 80GPM
  • Stainless Steel construction


PolymerPlus S Series Dry Auger Feed System 2D Model
  • Hopper capacities
  • Dilution water flowrates above 80GPM
  • Variety of bulk bag handling systems
  • Tanks of various sizes and arrangements
  • Solution pumps
  • Various Voltages
  • UL508A control panel
  • Fully customized to meet your needs

SERIES              FEED RATE                             FLOW RATE

 101                        1 - 25 lbs. (0.5 - 11 Kg)             480 - 600 GPH (1,800 - 2,270 LPH)

 102                      2 - 50 lbs. (1 - 22 Kg)               960 - 1,200 GPH (3,600 - 4,500 LPH)

 103                      3 - 75 lbs. (1.5 - 33 Kg)            1,440 - 1,800 GPH (5,450 - 6,800 LPH)

 104                      4 - 100 lbs. (2 - 45 Kg)             1,920 - 2,400 GPH (7,200 - 9,000 LPH)

 105                      8 - 200 lbs. (4 - 90 Kg)           3,840 - 4,800 GPH (14,400 - 18,000 LPH)

 106                      10 - 300 lbs. ( 5 - 135 Kg)       4,800 - 6,000 GPH (18,200 - 22,700 LPH)

Our Dry Polymer feed system incorporates a high efficiently eductor engineered specially for difficult to handle material, such as dry polymer. It generates high conveying air flow. The design transport velocity is 3000 ft./min. The tube is made of Teflon to prevent polymer sticking. The Teflon is translucent for quick visual inspection. High speed collision between the polymer granulates and the water stream assures thorough dispersion and wetting. This results in faster hydration and minimizes the required aging time for maximum polymer activation. 


The PolymerPlus Dry Auger System is engineered to provide a reliable means of feeding dry polymers and other difficult to feed materials. the material being fed is vacuumed by the eductor suction air flow. This prevents polymer build-up. The feed rate is controlled by a variable speed gear motor. The feeder is easy to operate and simple to maintain. Our dry polymer systems assemblies are modular in design, available complete with tank or metering pumps and can also be adapted for use with existing storage tanks.

          -System capacities range from 50 to 3,000 GPH of 0.5% solution with 30 minutes of aging.

          -Dry polymer feed capacities range up to 250 lbs./hr. (113 kg/ hr.) Dilution water feed capacities range up to 100 GPM (380 LPM).

          -The Standard hopper has a 2.7 ft3 (75L) capacity. A vibrator assures consistent polymer flow.

          -The system frame and enclosure are welded stainless steel.