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POLYMER FEED SYSTEM. Ds series dry polymer


The Disc Feeder reliably feeds the polymers. The Disc is vacuumed by the Polyductor suction airflow. This prevents polymer build-up. The Dry Polymer Feed System 100-DS Polymer Feed Equipment is engineered to prevent the problems associated with other Activated Dry PolymerPlus Polymer Feed System. It is reliable, quiet, and compact. The Activated Dry Polymer Feed system is easy to operate and simple to maintain.
PolymerPlus Dry Polymer Feed System is a modular system. It is available complete with tanks and pumps. It can also be adapted for use with existing tanks.

polymer documents:

technical information:

  • System capacities range from 50 to 3000 GPH of 0.5per solution with 30 minutes of aging.
  • Dry polymer feed systems capacities range up to 250 lbs/hr (113 kg /hr.). Dilution water feed capacities range up to 100 GPM (380 LPM).
  • The Standard hopper has a 2.7 ft3 (75L) capacity. A vibrator assures consistent polymer flow. The top of the hopper is only 33” (84 cm) above grade. It provides a comfortable working height without the use of platforms. Larger hoppers are available.
  • The system frame and enclosure panel are all of stainless steel.
  • Proximity, non-contact sensors monitor the polymer level on the disc.
  • The system runs on a 120 VAC. Power consumptions is less than 1,000 watts.
  • A dehumidifying system provides low humidity air to the hopper and the feeder enclosure

available options:

  • Low Polymer Switch
  • Flush Timer
  • Low Dilution Water Flow Alarm
  • On/Off Auto with Relay
  • Run Remote Indication
  • Custom Control Panel